A judge has refused Wesley Snipes’ request to postpone his upcoming tax evasion trial.

Snipes’ lawyer, Robert G. Bernhoft, reportedly filed the motion because of a fear that Snipes’ former attorney Daniel Meachum would not be physically fit for the trial. Additionally, Snipes also felt that trial attorney William R. Martin was ill-prepared for the case.

But Senior Judge Terrell Hodges isn’t buying the act. He ruled that:

This series of events would lead any reasonable person to suspect that the defendant’s dismissal of able counsel is nothing more than a ploy designed to force a continuance of the trial. In any event, it will not have that effect.

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer and podcaster.


  1. Alvis Jenkins Reply

    Wesley Snipes cannot be guilty of Federal tax evasion unless he was employed with the Federal Government. Where else can anyone have Federal income? The current income tax being collected by the IRS is in direct violation of Art. 1, sec. 2, clau.3 and sec. 9, clau. 4 of the United Staes of America Constitution.

  2. If Weslely is in the wrong he will have to correct any errors. As far as other aspects of our town…. I don’t understand why our court system doesn’t stop prejudice in hiring good employees. Our hospitals don’t have a trauma unit as I have heard and they are tight to let anyone educated inside their walls. I have to go out of town to finish my medical education to obtain hospital internship. I am white and I have experienced a dead end here in Ocala. If someone declines you for over a year of employment and you are not a criminal and have been a good employee then…..you should be hireable. I am one of several who have been denied employment in one particular hospital in Ocala. Everyone knows that our town is somewhat living in the dark ages. It is not known why no one has not done anything about this. It seems illegal. I have seen our Court system act on issues appropriately. Progress here is slow and wages are minute.

    Although our town is known for being called SlowCala, i believe that our court system will treat him fairly.

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