My Comment Policy

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to post an Official Comment Policy. It’s a blog, for goodness sake. But there are spammers, folks with an agenda, idiot sales people – you get the drift. So here is my official Comment Policy:

  1. Introduce yourself. I don’t need a copy of your license, your Social Security number or a note from your mother. But I would like to know who you are, a tidbit like “a lawyer from Alabama” or a “weird Herbalife nut”. And if you pretend to be someone else and I can tell you’re pretending then I have no choice but to delete you. We have to have some measure of decorum here.
  2. To cut down on spam, registration may be required. Comments may be held in moderation if you’ve never commented before or if you include lots of links. Lots of links make me wonder.
  3. Keep it clean and reasonably nice. My mother could be reading. And the last thing I need is a call from my mother explaining that people on my blog aren’t very nice. She’s already a bit concerned about my living up north, so we don’t need to add to the list of worries. She loves me, she’s a Southern mom, she worries, it’s what she does. I don’t want to have to increase her blood pressure medication because of something that you wrote. So be nice.
  4. No spam, no selling products or services, no free advertising for your own blog. Talk to Google or Yahoo if you need advertising. And if you’re a lawyer trolling for business, shame on you. Get your own damn blog.
  5. Keep your personally identifiable information out of your question. This is the internet, remember? If you say things like “I’m the only doctor in my town and my wife is blind,” folks may know it’s you. And clearly posting your phone number and email address in a comment means that other people – lots of other people if I’m lucky – are going to see it. I’m not going to redact or edit what you write in order to take out your info. So use a little common sense.

Don’t make me have to delete you. Cause I will. And I’m a middle child and that will just stress me out.

If I think of anything else, I reserve the right to change my mind. To quote my kid, “because I do.”

And hey, just because you left a comment on my site doesn’t mean that we’re all attorney-client privileged already. For more about what I do and why you’re not a client (yet), click here. To find out how to ask questions, click here.

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