Suspected Nazi War Criminals Collected Millions In Social Security Benefits After Fleeing The U.S.

Suspected Nazi war criminals are said to have collected millions in Social Security benefits after fleeing the country. Why? According to one beneficiary’s son, it’s as simple as, “He paid into the system.”

Ask The Taxgirl: Taxing Social Security Benefits

Taxpayer asks: If you have turned full retirement age and are receiving your retirement and also still working full time, how does this effect your taxes? Thank you. taxgirl says: This is a pretty common scenario these days – and a popular question! Once you reach retirement age, whether your Social Security payments are taxable … Read more

Does President Obama Want To Tax Your Retirement?

President Obama plans to tax your retirement. That was the subject of an email I received this morning. Only it wasn’t quite on target. You see, while it’s true that President Obama’s budget proposal, which is to be released on April 10, has included a proposal aimed at retirement accounts, he’s not targeting my retirement … Read more

Withdrawal Deadlines Looming For Some Retirement Plan Owners

When you sock money away in your retirement plan, the appeal is that the money will grow tax-deferred and be available to you for “some day.” For many taxpayers, that “some day” is right around the corner. Taxpayers who reach age 70½ in any calendar year must generally begin making withdrawals by April 1 of … Read more

Taxes From A To Z (2013): I Is For IRA Rollover

I is for IRA Rollover. An individual retirement account (IRA) is type of retirement plan that allows you to set aside money for later use. Depending on the kind of IRA you establish (traditional versus Roth), you can rely on tax-free withdrawals or tax-deferred growth in the future. (Quick caveat: since this topic can be … Read more

Sunday Mailbag: The Hot As Hades Edition

According to the Weather Channel, it feels like 92 degrees right now. I firmly believe that it should never feel like 92 degrees in the evening in Philadelphia. On the plus side, after a grueling day gardening in the heat (hey, it had to be done), I now have the opportunity to sit down, check … Read more