Where’s My Rebate? The IRS Has (Some) Answers.


The IRS has a feature available on its web site where you can check the status of your rebate. Visit “Where’s My Stimulus Payment?” and have on hand your legal name, filing status, Social Security number and number of exemptions shown on your 2007 return. You must have filed your tax return at least six weeks prior in order to get an update.

If your information is not available (mine wasn’t), you’ll receive a message telling you to check the Payment Schedule.

Hopefully, this will put some of your questions to rest. I’d love to hear feedback from those of you who have used the site!

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167 thoughts on “Where’s My Rebate? The IRS Has (Some) Answers.

  1. Where is our check? We filed over 6 weeks ago. The last two SS didgets are 00. So what is the hang up??

  2. I am happy to say i checked the website and I finally got a response My check will mailed out on the 13th of june.To put some minds to rest, I thought I was getting direct deposit but if your tax guy used a third party bank your check will be mailed.

  3. I Finally got the answer i have been looking for my check will be mailed on the 13th of june my number is 40! Good Luck

  4. well guess what everyone the irs is right on point my last number is 44 and they are mailing mine out on june 13th just wait and see good luck

  5. My last two digits are 07 and mine should have been mailed out by May 16.. Still havent recieved it and the website does not recognize me.

  6. well they promised i would get it june 6th in my acct and it was there and i also rec’d a letter from them today too saying to expect it.

  7. This year i filed my taxes on one of my w2s with out me knowing that i had another w2 coming well i had to file amended return on my 2nd w2 on that w2 i made over 3,000 i wanted to know if i will be getting a rebate check this year since on the 1st w2 i filed was only $800.00 but then on my 2nd w2 was over 3,000 i had to do has amended return . If i do get one still when should i get one

  8. Yes, Amanda, you will receive one. Give it a minimum six weeks from the date you filed your amended taxes before you visit the IRS’s website to check the status of your rebate.

  9. My number ends with 16, paid my tax
    1 April , no Stimulus payment as of 9 June. Mailing of stimulus is not as Scheduled.What the problem ?.

  10. is there a delay on rebate checks, scheduled for mailing on 5-30-2000. today is fri. 13, 2008 and no check in the mail

  11. hey people quit being so greedy and work for your money.stop depending on the government for free money.if you need gas or groceries get an education and get a job that pays good or if you have to get a second job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i’d just like to reply to “steph” from june 16 at 6:25am….maybe you should stop criticizing those around you in need. from what it sounds like, you don’t need any money…you could definitely use an education though, grammar is important! i, myself, hold a college degree and have a job, but times are tough. by the time i got my refund and put it in the bank, i was still overdrawn by $40. i hope that you have a job and want for nothing while you point fingers at others. people like you make me sick…”go get a second job”? right…and when do i get to see my husband and child? go get a life…

  13. u no i had my address changed 2 weeks ago and still have not recieved any money yet i even called the irs to change the addreess

  14. i buy a laptop last dec of 2008 until now i didnt recieved my rebate what happen to these company telling the buyers they will mail the rebate in a month are they telling the truth?

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