Well, at least according to Pastor Steve Munsey on TBN…

Are you ready to “give your way out of trouble?” Comments?

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Kelly Phillips Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer, and podcaster.


  1. Clayton Blackwell Reply

    This is just one of many opportunsts wearing pastoral frocks, promising the moon to his gullible flock in exchange for their financial support. He is a charlatin who preys on the less fortunate believers in order to relieve them of their meager funds. He should be taken out and covered with honey from the land of milk and honey, then stretched out over a red ant bed for a few hours.
    God does not want your money. He wants your obedience, and your adoration. Granted, obedience includes a portion of your goods. Ten percent to be exact. That is not ten percent of your income, but of all your worldly gain. Does he need it? NO! He needs you to be a generous loving soul. But He won’t kill you if you hold back. He just doesn’t shower you with blessings unless you are willing and anxious to bless others. That’s others in need. Not Television personalities who cry and threaten you for your money.

  2. And silly as it may seem to other readers, I have seen this work in other people’s lives. I don’t know anything about that pastor, but the principle he is talking about works. Whether it is God blessing those I know that gave, or it is just the fact that once they start giving they have to take a close look at their finances I don’t know. The trick I’m told is that (1) you must tithe to your own church (that’s 10%) and then (2) give on top of that to other organizations and (3) the giving must be to God’s work (could not for example go to a mainstream presidential candidate, but could go to the ACLJ [aclj.org])

  3. My Pastor spoke out strongly against “prosperity preaching” just about two weeks ago. As an evangelical Christian it makes me want to throw up because:

    A. Such preaching is not based on biblical principles and

    B. It gives Christians a bad name.

    Even the 10% is not something written in stone. That’s based on the law. God will lay on our hearts what first fruits we can give. Some may give less than 10%, but others may give more.

  4. Jay,
    It is my understanding that the concept of the tithe (10%) pre-dates Mosaic law.
    There actually is a great deal of scripture that supports “prosperity preaching”, but it is required neither for salvation nor to make God love you, etc.
    Should those preaching “prosperity” be looked at closely? In my opinion, YES.
    As to whether it makes Christians look stupid, I’d say that’s irrelavent if the act is scriptural. We are not called to live in/for this world 🙂

  5. Obedience in GOD WORD (the bible) is the answer to everything not money so give your 10%.

  6. I’m not opposed to the idea of tithes and offerings. I was struck by the opportunistic nature of this preacher using tax season as a way of asking for money.

  7. Mal.3:10 Bring all the tithes into the storehous,That there may be food in My (Gods) house, And try Me (GOD) now in this,”Says the Lord of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out a blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it.

  8. Clayton Blackwell Reply

    The tithe to be brought into the store house is understood to be 10%. And yes, it does predate Mosaic law. It waas established by Abraham when he tithed to Malchezedek.
    But to believe that giving and giving is going to make you prosperous is foolishness.
    God will supply your needs according to His riches in Heaven.

  9. YES HE does but even GOD himself says try ME, the same GOD back then is the same GOD today, in all THE BIBLE this is the only one verse that HE saysTRY ME(GOD) SO TRY HIM…..Remember the verse says “says the lord of hosts” there is no law there…

  10. The nature is sowing and reaping. In what ever we do. Sow bad reap bad, sow good reap good, think about it…believe me I have experianced it…PEACE..

  11. Incredible. It strikes me as he is advertisin his organization as Gods money collector. “Give an offering to God!!!….the 800 # is at the bottom of your screen!!!”

  12. Incredible. It strikes me as he is advertising his organization as Gods money collector. “Give an offering to God!!!….the 800 # is at the bottom of your screen!!!”

  13. let me say i have nothing against people choosing to tithe – but i do have a problem with threatening people into giving money – especially during difficult financial times – – – he “quotes” god as he scolds/threatens people – how dare you not give this money to me (god) – i (god) created this nation and tax season just so you would have no excuses – god wants his money back – –

  14. Faith and drugs have similar effects on the brain — they all impair your thinking. Unscrupulous folks will always take advantage of the gullible and weak.

  15. I know These Kind Of Pastor on TV and In churches they take from the poor and the lesser people and they need to be taken from and give the Money back too the People that they So Called serve Like a Robin Hood this man is living in a BIG HOUSE has a real nice car suits and all too people who believe those kinds of people I have dont feel sorry for it all a scam and if they cant pick up on it oh well cause it say in the Bible the lord doesnt want your richest he only want you to pray and worship him and show others THATS IT!!!!!!

  16. My father is 94 and deeply religious. He thinks he needs to give money to everyone that asks, so he gets enough junk mail every week to choke a camel. Then he has to ask me for money so he can buy food. I can’t make him understand that these people are all a bunch of opportunistic charlatans, living in opulent homes and conning him out of his meager retirement income. All they have to do is invoke the name of God and he whips out his checkbook. It’s a sad situation and makes me very angry that they prey on trusting and vulnerable people, particularly the elderly who came from a generation with deep religious beliefs.

  17. I agree with most of the respondents here that the Bible tells us to give to our local churches first. But as for God giving us this money, I say no. God didn’t have a thing to do with it. God gets blamed for a lot of things, but I really don’t believe He told our government to send us money that will a. not help the economy that much, b. put our country in further debt, and c. was only done in order to get voters to think the idiots we elect each and every year care anything about us except getting re-elected.

  18. Pam Mendelson Reply

    Munsey is a prosperity pimp….uses Jesus and Jews to sell his lies….all the while doing nothing for his congregation but everything he can for his own worldy wealth.

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