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Hi Kelly!

I just received my tax rebate, but it was for $600 and I am a single mom so I though it would be $900. I was just wondering how I go about figuring out which amount is correct. Will I receive the $300 later for my son?
You are the only website I have been able to find useful when it comes to anything about taxes. I appreciate it… Thank you!

Taxgirl says:

You should receive all of your rebate in one payment unless you specifically directed that your 2007 tax refund be split (this is unusual and you would know if you had done so).

I’ve actually received a lot of variations on this question. And while I clearly don’t know your personal details, here is my best guess: I’m guessing that you did receive your rebate for your qualifying child ($300) but that your own rebate amount was reduced from $600 to $300.

Your payment would be reduced to $300 as a single filer if you had no net income tax liability for 2007 – check your 2007 tax return for details. You would receive $600 if you are married filing jointly if you had qualifying income of at least $3,000.

To figure your net income tax liability on a form 1040, check the amount shown on Line 57 plus the amount on Line 52.

On form 1040EZ, it is the amount shown on line 10.

What counts as qualifying income? It is the total of:

Wages reported on federal form W-2;
Net self-employment income;
Social Security benefits reported in box 5 of the 2007 Form SSA-1099;
Railroad Retirement benefits reported in box 5 of the 2007 Form RRB-1099;
Veterans’ benefits received in 2007, including veterans’ disability compensation and disability pension or survivors’ benefits received from the Department of Veterans Affairs; and
Nontaxable combat pay if you chose to include it as earned income on your 2007 return.

Qualifying income does not include Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

If you are entitled to receive the basic amount, you may receive an additional $300 for each qualifying child. A qualifying child is under the age of 17 and has a valid Social Security number – an ITIN is not sufficient.

You can find more information about why your tax rebate might be smaller than anticipated at my prior post.

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  1. My mother and father were expecting 1200 dollars but only received around 835 dollars. Evidently that was their tax liability and you can only get the lesser of the two. My oldest sister received the full 1200 dollars so evidently her tax liability was at least that amount.

  2. I never received my tax rebate? I filed electronically this year for my wife and I with a child. Does anyone know why it wouldnt have come? My last two digits are 32. It should of been in by now i would believe!?!

  3. It all depends on whether or not it is a bank acct or a pre-paid debit card that can have direct deposit on it. If it is a pre paid debit card expect a check back. But i would say in this case for rebates if you think you should get it on the 2 look for it the following week. Once that time pass than worry.

  4. It also depends on the last two digits. My last two digits are 20 something and mine won’t be mailed until the end of the month.

  5. I did direct deposit with my taxes this year. According to the irs schedule it should have been May9th. I checked the website and there is no information regarding my rebate status. I guess I’ll wait it out one more week and hope for the best.

    Thanks for your replies!!

  6. I received my rebate but it was only 600 instead of 1200 like I was expecting. Does anyone know of a phone number or website that explains why?


  7. I expected mine on the 9th as well. I actually had to pay in $20. this year and did so by having it taken directly from my checking so they do have all the info they should need. I used Turbo Tax and paid for that with a credit card so there shouldn’t be any trouble on that end either.

  8. In addition to my last comment I also filed before the end of January and had my refund from the state tax back very quickly.

  9. On there is a link that says “Where’s my refund?” Click that, then click “Where’s my stimulus payment?”

    It will ask you your Social Security number, your filing status and number of exemptions. So, have those ready. Enter the data and you can find out exactly when your refund will be deposited/check sent.

    There is also a FAQ section which answers most of your questions.

    Alice, the answer to your question:
    “Q. I chose direct debit to pay my tax bill. Will my stimulus payment be direct deposited to the same account?

    A. No, the account information used for an incoming direct debit payment to the IRS cannot be used as the account information for the direct deposit of the stimulus payment. People who choose direct debit to pay a balance due will receive their stimulus payments by paper check through the mail. [Updated 3/3/08]”

  10. I was suppose to get my ESP direct deposited into my bank account no later then May 9th.
    I didn’t get anything and I received a refund through direct deposit back in Feb. and when i called the IRS help line for ESP @ 1866.234.2942 (I had to use the automated service because their call volume is to high to speak to anyone.) Anyway it tells me it can’t give me any info about my rebate.
    Can they get anything right?

  11. Ok, I found out what the problem was with my ESP (lol) and what it might be for some of you. I guess If you filed your taxes through a third party, and received a refund through direct deposit, but had the fees for the third party come out of your refund amount, it will make your ESP rebate come by check through the mail. This is more BS from the IRS/GOV and it doesn’t have this in writing anywhere on their website so of course you have to call and waste time even to find out. Oh well! hope this helps some of you.


  12. So, does that mean that foreign earned income does not count for the $3000 qualifying income?

  13. if you did your taxes by turbo tax and went Thur the Santa Barbara bank deposit , you will have a check mailed to you not direct deposit into your account.

  14. My refund was due on the 9th. I had direct deposit done and paid my tax man out of my own pocket. I still have not recieved my refund and my last 2 numbers are 33. everyone else I’ve asked have rec’d there’s. I call the IRS hotline and it is no help, can’t even get a live person. The website is no help, it states they have no information on my rebate. I know I qualify and they mailed me my confirmation letter a couple of months ago. I filled in Feb and rec’d return in March. I see no reason why I have not rec’d my rebate.

  15. I say we boycott Turbo Tax and Santa Barbara bank deposit. We should tell everyone we see and every blog, chat, internet contact we have not to use turbo tax next year or the rest of this year.
    Let me know if you agree.

  16. Dell, I suspect that there will be a lot of anger towards tax preparers and software companies that did not advise about the paper check versus direct deposit though I think that anger will be forgotten come next tax season.

    I also think that somewhere, some plaintiff’s lawyer is eying this up… (though realistically proving actual damages will be nearly impossible thus winning nothing for taxpayers and fees for the lawyer).

  17. Kelly,

    All I’m saying is, Not to use Turbo tax there are 100’s of other options just like them or apparently better and some might not have informed there customers but I’m sure that there were some that did.

    We as a society needs to stop letting the corporations, government, the establishment, who’s very existence depends on us control us. They should move how we want them to not we how they.

    I’m compiling a database of companies to boycott and a group of people to boycott them and add to them. Anyone interested e-mail me at for further information.


  18. keep up the good work. looks like you have your work cut out for you Kelly. 1000 potential new customers? Valid second opinion on tax, that’s worth more than gold.

  19. My last two digits are 37 and I have yet to receive a refund from the stimulus package.
    It is now November 2008.

  20. I was wondering why turbo tax asked how much my rebate check was in the amount of, because once I put that in my refund went down in that exact amount. I looked on the standard paper filing form and it doesn’t have a place on there for such a question. So why the difference??? Thanks!

  21. i filed with taxact and that was on January 21 2010 i recieved confirmation that i should recieve my refund by the 9th of february…. well today is the 9th and nothing came do you think i wont get it?

  22. I had my Taxes done last week, and I made around $32,500 give or take a few dollars and I had $2,266 of deductions to claim most medical also my daughter lives with me but I didn’t get to claim her this her because of a court deal but I did get a little credit for her since she lives with me all year long.

    I am only getting $1,250 from Federal and I have to pay $10 to the State.

    I figure with my deductions that I would get more back seeing how it cost me so much this year what gives?

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