Taxpayer asks:

Hi taxgirl! My daughter was born in 2008 and we sort of forgot to claim her. Call it mommy-brain… anyway, is it worth refiling? We are married, filing jointly, have one additional (claimed) child, and made about 325K in 2008. Thanks!

Taxgirl says:

As a mother of three young kids who has found myself upstairs more than once and forgotten why I went up there in the first place, I totally get the “mommy brain” thing…

Yes, you can amend your tax return in order to claim your extra dependent. File a form 1040-X (available here as a pdf) and make the adjustment on line 26.

Good luck!

(Psst, the “mommy brain” never really goes away. You just start calling it different things… or blaming your husband!)

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  1. But of course part of the $3500 exemption is phased out down to $2333 I believe, and at the 33% rate the exemption is worth $769 or $770. Which by the way is less than what that exception would be worth to someone in the 25% bracket. Of course I’d gladly make the trade. Being in the 33% bracket is a problem I’ve always wanted to have.

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