Richard Hatch is not having a good year. After qualifying for early release from federal prison, where he was serving time on tax evasion charges, he was allowed to spend the remainder of his sentence at his sister’s house as house arrest. Hatch, not necessarily being the most conventional guy, apparently had a different interpretation of his media appearance rules than the Bureau of Prisons did: his recent stints on TV and radio landed him in hot water when he failed to get the proper permissions.

And Hatch went back to jail. He then asked to be able to return to his sister’s house to serve out the remainder of his sentence. A federal judge denied that request.

Now, Hatch is appealing that decision and he has a surprising ally: the ACLU. The ACLU has been concerned about Hatch’s treatment since returning to jail among allegations that Hatch is being punished for speaking out against prosecutors in his case. If you recall, Hatch doesn’t actually think he went to jail for cheating on his taxes – he told Matt Lauer that it has everything to do with being gay.

Hmm… So what’s Joe Francis’ excuse?

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Kelly Phillips Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer, and podcaster.


  1. Joe Francis is the Girls Gone Wild video founder who failed to pay a bunch of taxes among several other crimes.

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