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Despite some whisperings about a surprise meeting over the weekend between House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and President Obama – that did happen – there has not been an announcement that a compromise has been reached on the economy.

I’m not sure where the confusion came from but folks have definitely heard mixed messages. I even received an email asking me why I hadn’t covered it… Um, that’s because nothing actually happened other than a meeting. Perhaps taxpayers are just elated that the two are speaking to each other again after more than three weeks of radio silence but there has been no official word that a deal has been reached.

The meeting on Sunday was about as startling as the Philadelphia Eagles actually eking out a win on the same day. It was not on the President’s official schedule (you can always see that here) and there was no indication that the two were making any progress towards a compromise. In fact, just last week, Speaker Boehner accused Democrats of a “slow-walk strategy” and called for the President to send a budget “that can pass both houses of Congress as quickly as possible” noting that “we’re ready and eager to work with him on such a proposal.”

After the meeting, both camps released statements that indicated that talks are ongoing. I’ll keep you posted.

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