I’m thrilled to announce the return of Getting To Know You Tuesday.

Getting To Know You Tuesday began as a response to my own curiosity. When I started practicing, folks would tell me that I didn’t seem like someone who would like tax. I started thinking about who that might be exactly and it dawned on me: Nobody really knows.

Tax professionals come from all different walks of life. Some are tax preparers, while others are tax planners. Some may focus on offshore while others practice criminal tax defense. There are those who dig tax policy while others are content to flip through pages of tax statutes. Some are solos and some are in-house at large companies. Some teach, some blog, some audit. And some do a little bit of everything.

That’s one of the things that I love so much about the tax community. It’s also why I started the series, and it’s why I’m doing a reboot.

Here’s how it works. Each week or so, I’ll feature a tax pro. I’ll ask a set of questions, some silly and some serious. The questions remain the same from tax pro to tax pro with a few concessions for current events and tax policy changes.

(You can read the first ever Getting To Know You Tuesday here. You can find a longer list from the series here.)

I’m currently soliciting nominations for the series. If you’d like to recommend a tax pro to be featured send your suggestions to kelly (dot) erb (at) taxgirl (dot) com with the subject: Getting To Know You Tuesday. Self-nominations are totally okay, and are even encouraged!

If you’ve previously submitted a nomination, please feel free to send it again. I’ll consider all submissions, even those that were selected, so long as they were more than three years ago.

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer and podcaster.

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