Join Kelly this week for a podcast focused on something we all dread: stress. Tax season and deadlines mean that stress is a concern for many taxpayers and professionals. There are so many changes in the tax world this year due to COVID-19 – with more to follow. We need to recognize if these factors are causing stress in our lives, and how to take control.  

Stress Prevention  

Jeena Cho is Kelly’s guest this week. Jeena is the author of The Anxious Lawyer, an 8-week guide for lawyers on mindfulness and resiliency. She is also a partner at the JC Law Group, a contributor to the ABA Journal, and on top of that… she (like Kelly) is a mom. Jeena talks listeners through ways to channel stress and utilize self-care during this tense tax time – and even gets Kelly to meditate.

Listen to Kelly and Jeena Cho talk self-care, as well as: 

  • 2019 Tax Deadline, Dates, Extension, Payment & Estimated Tax information 
  • The Difficulty of the Delayed Tax Season 
  • How Anxiety is Arising and Affecting the Tax World 
  • How to Handle and Channel Anxiety  
  • The Unknown Driving Fear 
  • How to Separate Ourselves from Stress  
  • Self-Care with Consistency  
  • Meditation Tips and Benefits  
  • Training the Mind for Meditating  
  • Recognition and Routines of Self-Care 
  • Justifying and Juggling Self-Care 

About Kelly:

Kelly Phillips Erb created and hosts the Taxgirl podcast, your home for tax news, tax info and tax policy. In each episode, she shares conversations about taxes, money and the choices we make. Kelly is a practicing tax attorney who works with taxpayers like you every day. She helps folks out of tax jams, and hopefully, keep others from getting into them.

You can find out more about Kelly here and you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Kelly’s Website – Taxgirl  

Jeena’s Website – Jeena Cho 

Jeena’s 8 Week Law Guide to a Joyful and Satisfying Law Practice Through Mindfulness and Meditation – The Anxious Lawyer 

JC Law Group PC – Facebook 

ABA Journal 

Jeena’s Teachings – Programs and Workshops 


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