I’ve been listening to your feedback!

As previously announced, we’re making some changes to the podcast. We are keeping the interview portion front and center. That’s not changing. But, as promised, we’ve removed the intro – for timeliness and podcast length – and will be spinning it off as a separate bit.

Originally, the spinoff was going to be a quick news update, but a few folks suggested instead that I do an “Ask The Taxgirl” segment where I answer reader mail over the air.

So, I’m asking which you prefer. Your responses are appreciated!

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  1. I’m 52 years old I was living with my sister and she claimed me on her taxes last year I no longer live with her I haven’t lived with her all this year 2020 I am in the process of getting my disability I still have no income and I am homeless just wondering if I qualify for the second stimulus check thank you
    Signed homeless

    • There is no second stimulus check. But you may still qualify for a check: if you were not a dependent in 2020, you can claim the credit on your tax return in 2021 (it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any income).

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