Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigations (IRS-CI) is the only federal agency that devotes 100% of resources to investigating financial crimes? IRS-CI is also the only agency with jurisdiction over federal tax crimes.

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For more on IRS-CI, you can click here for the podcast episode listing, or listen to my interview with Chief Fort below:

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  1. Barry Smith Reply

    Special agents also enforced wagering tax violations in the past, plus provided agents to Secret Service during election years when both were part of the Treasury Department ( until Secret Service went under Homeland Security). Both go through the same basic training course at Glynco, Georgia. Agents also served as air marshals after 9-11. Until the Inspection Division was formed in the 1950s (now TIGTA), special agents also handled investigations of assaults and threats, bribes, impersonations, and employee misconduct. Until recently they also provided armed escorts for other IRS employees when conducting hazardous assignments, such as seizures. They are the only IRS employees authorized to carry firearms and make arrests. They are involved in Joint Terrorism Task Forces, and Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces.

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