Despite the inroads women have made in the tax profession, it’s still a very male-dominated profession, especially at the top. In 2019, only about 20% of all equity partners were female, according to the National Association of Women Lawyers. Thankfully, it’s an issue that is starting to garner more discussion as more people recognize the lack of high-ranking women in business.

It can be tough for women in business

Industry leader Kate Barton — the global vice chair at EY — joins Kelly on this episode of the Taxgirl podcast. Kate and Kelly talk about their experiences as women in business, especially in high-level positions and where the industry is heading.

Listen to Kelly and Kate talk about women in business:

  • Kate’s background and experience
  • What drew Kate to international taxes
  • The politics of making partner
  • Will travel slow down after the coronavirus pandemic?
  • Problems with international customers due to differing customs
  • The future of the tax profession 

More about Kelly Phillips Erb:

Kelly is the creator and host of the new Taxgirl podcast series. Kelly is a practicing tax attorney with considerable experience and knowledge. She works with taxpayers like you every day. One of the things that she does is help folks out of tax jams, and hopefully, keep others from getting into them.

Kelly’s Website – Taxgirl

Kate Barton – LinkedIn

Kate Barton – Twitter

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