Taxpayer asks:

My child’s fathers stimulus payment had gotten taken due to child support, how long does it take for me to receive it?

Taxgirl says:

It depends. Here’s how the process works.

  1. Once a stimulus check is seized, it does not automatically get delivered to the person who is owed the child support. The check is intercepted, it is not simply mailed or deposited to the person who is owed child support.
  2. The state that submitted the case to the offset program typically receives money from the offset within two to three weeks.
  3. The money is then disbursed according to normal child support enforcement distribution rules that apply. That means, for example, that if the parent who expects to receive the money (which has been offset from a parent who owes child support) owes money to the state for reimbursement of public assistance, the stimulus payment will be paid to that debt first, and then debt owed to the parent will be paid next.

The timeframe for all of this can vary. Count on at least two to three weeks from the initial disbursement at a minimum. But if the offset is from a jointly filed tax return, the state may hold the funds for up to six months before it’s distributed. 

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