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As Debate Into Tax Exempt Scandal Continues, Here’s A Timeline Of Who Knew What And When

16 July 2013

It is with regret that I will be departing from the IRS as my acting assignment ends in early June. This has been an incredibly difficult time for the IRS given the events of the past few days, and there is a strong and immediate need to restore public trust in the nation’s tax agency. […]

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IRS Issues Statement On Tax Exempt Scandal

15 May 2013

The headlines were filled this morning with accusations, defenses and more about the scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service’s increased, targeted scrutiny of the applications of specific tax exempt organizations. Details about what actually happened – and who knew what and when – are still murky. An investigation into the timeline and the players in […]

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Attorney General Holder Orders FBI Inquiry Into IRS Scrutiny Of Tax Exempt Applications

14 May 2013

Just days after the news surfaced that the Internal Revenue Service improperly targeted certain applications for tax-exempt status based on keywords and politically charged language, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that he has ordered an FBI investigation into the matter. Specifically, the criminal inquiry will focus on “potential violations” of the federal tax code […]

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IRS Set To Close Next Week

13 May 2013

A number of taxpayers will be taking next Friday off by choice. It is, after all, the day before the Memorial Day weekend begins – the perfect time to grab an extra day. But what if you were forced to take the day off as an unpaid furlough day? That is the plan for the […]

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Taxpayers File Suit Over IRS Rule on Health Care Act Tax Credits

3 May 2013

Just one day after the Internal Revenue Service additional Proposed Regulations to clarify governance issues related to the Health Care Act, a group of taxpayers filed a lawsuit in federal court, hoping to put the brakes on the IRS’ right to enforce the Act. The case, Halbig et al v. Sebelius et al, (downloads as […]

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IRS To Mail Out Furlough Notices Next Week, Announcing Agency-Wide Shutdowns

19 April 2013

One week. That’s all it took. One week after Tax Day came and went, the Internal Revenue Service will send out furlough notices to its entire workforce. According to a press release from the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), those notices will identify five days when the IRS will be shut down entirely – with […]

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Postal Service Says Saturday Delivery Will Continue Because Of Budget Provision

10 April 2013

Dust off those stamps: the U.S. Postal Service isn’t ending Saturday mail delivery this summer after all. What’s the reason for the apparent change of heart? A bill passed by Congress this spring. As it turns out, the language in the bill bars such a change in plans. This, according to the U.S. Postal Service […]

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Does President Obama Want To Tax Your Retirement?

8 April 2013

President Obama plans to tax your retirement. That was the subject of an email I received this morning. Only it wasn’t quite on target. You see, while it’s true that President Obama’s budget proposal, which is to be released on April 10, has included a proposal aimed at retirement accounts, he’s not targeting my retirement […]

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As Squabbles Over Budget Continue, Annual White House Easter Egg Tradition Rolls On

30 March 2013

My kids are minutes away from their annual Easter Egg Hunt. Set among the backdrop of rural North Carolina, it’s miles away – both literally and figuratively – from the White House Easter Egg Roll. Both are scheduled to go on this year, despite fears to the contrary. While there was no scandal at my […]

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FAFSA, Tax Return Delays Could Slow College Enrollment Decisions

19 March 2013

The delay in processing forms 8863, Education Credits, at the IRS is causing more trouble than just slowing down refunds. The delay, which was formally addressed this week by the Department of Education, is the result of “a technical error with a limited number of tax filing software products” and has affected hundreds of thousands […]

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