IRS Joins FBI, DEA & Other Federal Agencies With Access To Cellphone Surveillance Technology

If you think you’re being watched, you may be right. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has joined the list of at least thirteen federal agencies now equipped with sophisticated surveillance technology known as Stingray. The information was confirmed by The Guardian, which obtained invoices following a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) acknowledging … Read more

Treasury Sends Dire Warning To Congress: We’re Running Out Of Money Faster Than Expected

We might have avoided a government shutdown (for now) but barring any last minute actions by Congress, we’re still on track to default on our obligations. Today, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent another letter to Congress regarding the debt limit and he didn’t have good news. In the letter, he noted that while he had … Read more

Government Shutdown Avoided For Now: Funding Bill Only Temporary

The lights will stay on in the nation’s capital after all. Today, on the last day that Congress could make a move before the fiscal year end, the Senate and House both voted on a measure to avoid a government shutdown. But don’t get too excited. While the agreement is better than the alternative (no … Read more

Trump’s Tax Plan Promises No Income Taxes For 75 Million Americans, Cuts For Corporate America

Last month, presidential hopeful Donald Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo about his tax plan, “I know exactly what I want to do, I just don’t want to announce it yet.” Today, Trump unveiled his tax plan, which he says has four simple goals: Tax relief for middle-class Americans: In order to achieve the American dream, … Read more

Fix The Tax Code Friday: Averting A Shutdown

It’s Fix The Tax Code Friday! Earlier this week, Forbes contributor Stan Collender boosted his estimate of the chance that there will be a government shutdown from 67% to 75%. Those odds might have gone up even more. Today, Speaker John A. Boehner’s (R-OH) announced that he would step down at the end of October, … Read more

7 Budget & Tax Related Reasons We May Be Headed Towards A Government Shutdown

On Sunday, Forbes contributor Stan Collender boosted his estimate of the chance that there will be a government shutdown from 67% to 75%. With the new fiscal year just days away – beginning on October 1 – we still don’t have an appropriations bill. The last time we were in this position was in 2013. On … Read more

Couple Thanks America With $850,000 Gift

This weekend, we’ll listen to a lot of speeches about how much we love this country and how thankful we are to live here. Peter and Joan Petrasek, of Seattle, chose to let their money talk for them. The couple recently left the Department of the Treasury nearly $850,000 as a bequest. The couple had … Read more

Taxpayers Sue Treasury, SSA, Alleging Improper Refund Seizures

Carolyn Graham’s father died on Christmas Day, 1971. She was just 7 years old at the time. As a minor, she was eligible to receive Social Security survivor benefits; her mother was a representative payee until Graham turned 18. Last year, the 51 year old Graham, who works part-time at Pinkberry expected to receive a … Read more

With Shutdown Avoided, Who Are Winners (And Losers) In 2015 Budget?

There won’t be a government shutdown after all. Following a great deal of political rancor, the Senate and the House finally resolved their differences over the 2015 budget last night. Three months into the fiscal year, the Senate wrapped a final vote on the appropriations budget at 9:50 p.m., with 56 Senators voting yes, 40 … Read more