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Baucus & Camp Talk Reform As Tax Road Show Rolls On

30 July 2013

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) made a stop in Philadelphia as part of their bipartisan roadshow for tax reform. Small business owners talked tax and business – and no surprise, simplification and certainty topped their wish list.

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Hot Tips For Safeguarding Business & Tax Records

10 July 2013

The rains and extreme weather continues to pound parts of the country this week. Earlier, I posted about taking steps to protect your personal documents and financial records in the event of a weather related disaster. But what about your business? When it comes to business, Scan, scan, scan. Businesses deal with so much paper. […]

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Extreme Weather Serves Up Important Reminders To Taxpayers

5 July 2013

I’ve spent much of this week de-icking my house. I’ve bailed water out of my basement, wiped mildew off of furniture and emptied the dehumidifier more times than I care to count. I’m hardly alone: it’s been a wet one on the east coast. Heavy rains have been reported this summer from Maine to Florida. […]

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Ask The Taxgirl: Home Offices And Capital Improvements

7 April 2013

Taxpayer asks: I’m confused. Both my wife and I have home offices, each using about 5% of the total home square footage. Last year, we replaced the both the hot water heater and the washer/drier. For the hot water heater, I think it’s very clear, that improvement directly impacts our home office use, so I […]

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Some Small Businesses Take A Hit From Sequestration

5 March 2013

March 1 came and went and the world was still standing. Sequestration made a big splash at the end of February. Taxpayers were worried… How would it affect Tax Day? Would refunds be slowed down? Would the lights stay on in Congress? But as March kicked off, tax season was (finally!) in full swing and […]

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IRS Makes Arrests, Targets Businesses In Massive Identity Theft Crackdown

7 February 2013

Today, the IRS announced the results of an “aggressive enforcement effort” targeting refund fraud caused by identity theft.

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Ask the taxgirl: Tax ID Numbers and 1099s

30 January 2013

Taxpayer asks: Am I legally required to have tax ID#’s on file for individuals who perform services for my organization if I know the payments will not total more than $600 in any calendar year? taxgirl says: I was asked a similar question from a client years and years ago. The client ran a sort […]

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Ask the taxgirl: Promotional Expenses and “Lost” Revenue

29 January 2013

Taxpayer asks: Hi, Tax Girl, With all the electronic sales these days, publishers and authors can promote their books for free for a period of time in order to gain readers and increase their rankings on sites like Even though there is no cost to author or publisher for the free electronic giveaways, can […]

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Ask the taxgirl: Filling Out a Form W-9

29 January 2013

Taxpayer asks: Is there a way to complete the W9 form that is technically legal that will avoid being 1099′d for income paid to you? taxgirl says: No, not legally. The rules about when a form 1099 must be issued are pretty clear and there’s no magic language or box that you can check that […]

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Throwing A Holiday Party That Even Uncle Sam Will Love

14 December 2012

Dear corporate types, I do love the B52s but under no circumstances should “Rock Lobster” be played – and danced to – at a company party. That was my tweet on yesterday. I happened to be working at a venue not far from such a party. It was a mishmash of mostly middle-aged corporate types […]

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