NFL Flagged With Another Challenge To Tax-Exempt Status Because Of Redskins

With football season in full swing, members of Congress are taking another hit at the NFL’s tax exempt status: a second bill has been introduced which aims to eliminating tax exempt status unless the Washington Redskins yank their name. Does it have enough support to make a difference?

World Cup Mania: Figuring Out FIFA, Soccer & Tax

We are in full World Cup mode at my house. My kids are huge soccer fans (you may know this if you’re a regular reader) and they’ve been counting down to the first game (Brazil beat Croatia) for months. They’ve made posters and charts and insisted on buying souvenirs, including a stuffed version of the … Read more

What If Congressional Elections Were Run Like The NFL Draft?

Over the past few days, like many of you, I’ve been glued to the NFL draft board (Forbes’ Darren Heitner had great coverage here). It was exciting to see who was picked first (Houston took Jadeveon Clowney); who bit on Johnny Manziel (sorry, Cleveland) and where Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be … Read more