IRS Gets Big Win In Court As Judge Dismisses Tea Party Targeting Cases

Today, a federal court judge dismissed two high profile lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service over its handling of tax exempt organization applications. What do those rulings mean for other tax exempt organizations? The answer might surprise you.

IRS Announces New Tax Preparer Program To Mixed Reactions

There will be a tax preparer certification program after all. That was the word from Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen. If you’re scratching your head after Loving v. Commissioner and wondering how that’s possible, here’s your answer: the program will be voluntary. Following losses at the lower court and the appellate court which held … Read more

Daugerdas Sentenced To Prison, Ending Biggest Tax Prosecution Ever

Of all of the stories that I’ve ever covered over the years, by far the one I’ve received the most questions about after the fact was this one: What ever happened to Paul Daugerdas? I’ve been following the story since 2006 after allegations surfaced that Jenkens Gilchrist might have been involved in offering up some … Read more

She’s Just Not That Into You: 11 Reasons Your Tax Pro Wants To Call It Off

You thought about it for a long time. You talked about it for weeks. There were letters and emails and maybe even the occasional phone call. You were counting down the days. And then it happened. You filed your taxes. You got your copies (and maybe a little refund on the side). But now that’s … Read more

Appellate Court To IRS: You’ve Lost That Loving Tax Case (Again)

The Appellate Court leveled a blow at IRS attempts to regulate tax preparers this week, finding that IRS did not have the authority to do so. Dan Alban, lead attorney for the plaintiffs who brought the original case, lauded it as good news. He had said previously that “Tax preparers have the right to earn an honest living without permission from IRS.” Looks like he was right.