Corrupt Judges Plead Guilty to Kickbacks, Tax Fraud

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Scranton is great, but New York is like Scranton on acid. No, on speed. Nah. On steroids.
– Michael Scott, The Office

The sleepy little town in the hills of Pennsylvania just got a hefty dose of publicity – the unwelcome kind. Known primarily as the fictional home Dunder Mifflin, the floundering paper company in NBC’s wildly popular (and one of my favorite shows) The Office, Scranton made national news, again, as the center of a judicial kickback scandal. Real life judges Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan made an appearance in Scranton’s federal court last week to plead guilty to wire fraud and income tax fraud in a scheme that has shocked the country. The two are accused of taking millions of dollars in financial kickbacks in exchange for sentencing teens to privately run youth detention centers. More than 5,000 teens were sentenced under Ciavarella during the scheme.

Under the plea agreement offered by Ciavarella and Conahan, each with serve 87 months in federal prison, a sentence that many believe isn’t long enough. Each has already been removed from their positions by the Pennsylvania Bar with a resulting loss of pension; they will be required to resign from the Pennsylvania bar.

Under the scheme, Conahan arranged contracts with two privately run detention centers to agree to accept the teens in exchange for kickbacks to the two judges; Ciavarella actually issued the sentencing to the teens. Payments for the contracts were made to a Florida company controlled by the two judges, to avoid suspicion. The source of the money was reportedly concealed as business expenses or rental payments.

The income, though gained illegally, was not reported properly on an income tax return and improper expenses were reportedly claimed for the years 2003 through 2006. According to the indictment (note that the link takes you to a pdf), the tax preparers for the judges were fed “material omissions and misclassifications” and have not been charged in the scandal. The plea agreement, which has not yet been accepted as filed, would not limit the IRS from collections activities in connection with the tax fraud.

The guilty pleas will perhaps mark an end to one of the most disturbing abuses of judicial power to surface in some time. An important part of our judicial system is a belief that the system works. Those who destroyed that belief have wronged more than those involved directly in the scheme: they have shattered the perception of a fair and just legal system. Hopefully, the families and courts of Luzerne County can find some peace with the understanding that those who broke that trust are being punished.

As for Ciavarella and Conahan? The two men, clearly hated (shouts of “Rot in hell!” resonated on the streets as they left the courthouse) remain free on bail until sentencing.

Image: Wikimedia, Creative Commons courtesy of Daniel Case

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182 thoughts on “Corrupt Judges Plead Guilty to Kickbacks, Tax Fraud

  1. Corrupt Judges in Sydney Australia

    Thanks for the news on corrupt judges. Here in Sydney, Australia i am having to deal with corrupt judges as well and need all the help i can get.

    NSW State Supreme Court judge Paul Brereton is currently under investigation by the NSW Judicial Commission. Chief Executive of the NSW Judicial Commission, Mr Ernie Schmatt, initially received the complaints in January 2009.

    It is claimed in Sharpless V McKibbin Justice Brereton knowingly lied and deceived 121 times in his 41 page double spaced judgement. Justice Hamilton was initially hearing the case but resigned day two of the eight day case without stating the explicit reason for his resignation.

    Plaintiff Sharpless’s solicitor was then called to Chief Justice Spiegelman’s office and told Justice Brereton was appointed to hear the case.

    The defendant Paul McKibbin was the former deputy director of an Australian intelligence agency, senior intelligence analyst and Royal Australian Navy Commander.

    Justice Paul Brereton is a current military reservist, military judge, and a State Supreme Court Judge. Justice Brereton said he did not believe he would be biased in his judgement. This proved to be totally incorrect.

    Plaintiff Sharpless was told his court case would have to be completely recommenced with large additional costs if he did not accept Justice Brereton as the new judge. Plaintiff Sharpless was additionally told it would be more then 12 months before the case could be heard in the NSW Supreme court if he did not accept Justice Brereton.

    The plaintiffs initial complaints to the NSW Judicial commission also included the actions of Justice Hamilton and the actual reasons for his resignation from Sharpless V McKibbbin. Once informed of the complaint Justice Hamilton seemingly prematurely retired. Sharpless’s solicitor has also sought legal advice concerning his meeting with NSW Supreme court Chief Justice Spigelman.

    This is not the first time Justice Brereton has been accused of bias. A previous case being Rolah McCabe tobacco litigation where the law firm Slater & Gordon suceeded in having Justice Brereton disqualify himself.

    The current allegations against Justice Brereton are many. They include knowingly perverting the course of justice multiple times and more seriously using his judicial position to conspire with his employer, the Australian Defence Force to enable cover-ups of major criminal activity by members of the ADF including the defendant. The allegations and investigations against Justice Brereton also include perverting the course of justice to cover-up the attempted murder of the plaintiff. The actual events meantioned in the Supreme court were over a 16 year period.

    Despite the investigations and complaints Justice Brereton is still making judgements in Supreme Court cases and Paul Sharpless is still waiting for action by the NSW Judicial Commission.

    This is “Law and Order in real time.” The story is still occuring.

  2. @ least USA ‘s blessed with the free speech, open court hearings and judges willing to allow jury… Let me know what you think about this genocid and abused of human rights?

  3. Oh, when you say that, you have to be specific please. Its NSW not Australia. Apparently the rest of Australias moving with the rest of the world, with NSW thats not the case. Corruption ‘d went so deep; stealing, abuse of civil rights, political killings… And the most corrupt? This year Oscar goes to; Sydneys Senior judicial Officer Judge Spigellman, Sydneys judges, Sydneys Police, Sydneys Premier, Sydney legal Ass and Sydneys DLA Phillips Fox.

  4. Thanks Cloudy for giving the Oscar for ‘Most corrupt Judge’ to NSW Supreme Court Judge, Chief Justice James Spigelman.

    Having spoken to many people since i first wrote the article for Tax Girl it is not correct to limit Judicial Corruption in Australia to NSW alone.

    Unfortunately, the recently appointed NSW Premier Kristina Keneally, the NSW Attorney General John Hatzistergos, the Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd have all taken no interest and remain silent on the corruption of the most senior Judge in NSW.

    While i have gained permission to protest, NSW police have taken no interest in the reasons for my protest. Judicial corruption is not a policing issue in NSW, nor Australia it seems. NSW has one of the largest police forces in the world per head of population so lack of people and resources can not be used as an excuse for not investigating criminal conduct by NSW Judges.

    The NSW Judicial Commission under the directorship of Ernie Schmatt is equally corrupt at covering up the continuing criminal abuse of Judical Power.

    Judgements and Justice is for sale in NSW. This is organised and promoted by Chief justice james Spigelman. I have witnessed it first hand. It is a total failure of democratic goals.

    I urge people overseas to continue the dialogue concerning Judicial corruption in NSW and Australia.

    And NO, tim-yim Chief justice James Spigelman is not Irish. Like many other senior Judges in NSW, Spigelman is Jewish. Chief justice Spigelman experienced the Holocaust and it seems he has no hesitation burning and destroying other people with his corrupt Judicial actions.

  5. If I may?
    Parliament question time is appropriate place to raise allegation against anyone whos action ruins reputation of one country. I am in Europe, so I know the way Australian legal system are perceived here. Amongst legal level NSW judge Spigelman is known as J.J.Spigelman
    Jim – Joke – Spigelman Here, in Europe, judges like him are not emplyoyed. I dont understand your political party/s, thats their job.

  6. RE; Peter Sharpless
    Why dont you hand – over – your case to ICCA Hague
    I’m personally aware of a few cases from NSW, awaiting decisions.
    The more cases hand-in its easier to prosecute. Judge Spigelman is famous around the globe, for a long time…

  7. Careful, the way I see this corruption is going downhill. Judges are aware what’s going on and the fact they wont last for too long. When system is threatened, people on power are particularly dangerous. They would kill just to remain on the power and they ‘love’ to think that’s only one person responsible. Usually when the person s removed and complains continues they work out that they cant kill everyone. But someone have to be removed before they understand.

  8. Hi Pitzburg
    Australia is an extremely large country overly rich in resources, with 22 million inhabitants. In these circumstances ‘Australia the country’ does well regardless of who the elected representatives are. The elected representatives all make sure they do well. No Australian politician or their families have ever lived or died in poverty. This is not true of many Australians though and the original inhabitants, Aboriginals, remain the worst off.

    Unfortunately the NSW parliament has accomplished little in recent years. The labor party holds the majority. There is no long term planning and no planned increased generation to infastructure to meet increased population needs. In the circumstances having a corrupt Judiciary headed by Chief Justice J J Spigelman is an advantage to them. Justice can be bought in NSW.

    Unfortunately the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd is also Labor and remains silent on the corrupt Judiciary. This is also true of the Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland who has advised me he will take no action concerning the issues i have raised. He has additionally said i don’t exist anyway. I asked if that meant i was persona non grata. The reply was, “i wouldn’t even give it a name.”

    I have spoken and written to my local member. It is Anthony Albanese and he is the Federal Minister for infastructure. Try not to laugh when you read this but his wife is deputy premier of NSW. Such is the stranglehold labor has in NSW politics.

    I am extremely thankful you have written to me Pitzburg. I have taken to protesting and handing out a flyer out the front of the NSW Supreme court, along Phillip Street and into Martin Place. My shirt correctly states, ‘Corrupt Judges for Hire, organised by Chief justice Spigelman.’

    Dear Mirrabell
    Thankyou for the advice. I will enquire and follow through. Any additional notes would be wonderful. Can you tell me where i can find out about the others cases concerning Spigelman in the Hague.

    Dear Cautious
    Unfortunately people have been removed. (killed) Unfortunately people have been falsely incarcerated. Attempts have been made to kill me in the past and i have managed to survive and escape. The NSW police were contacted but remained silent and useless in the circumstances. Thankyou for your concerns Cautious, luckily Veterans Affairs has provided me with a life line. I have overcome my many years of continual fear. I have had to face death a few times in the past. Australia does not have a Bill of human rights and in the circumstances our politicians are not genuinely interested in offering any.

    Thankyou greatly for your comments
    Paul Sharpless

  9. Bearing in mind all the facts; I have to agree Australian NSW Chief Judge Sppigelman is absolute ‘Corruption Champion’

  10. Just when I thought I have seen everything… and this judge still works? Is this a joke? This is unbelievable. What about our profession and professional integrity? This is a world wide scandal, beyond Australian borders.

  11. Dear senator Attkins
    RE; My response?
    There are no easy answers, just as it’s no longer easy for our global judicial organization to sit and hope this will be sorted out. Its clear whats going on.
    What else to say

  12. Dear Tim Robinson
    I can only agree with you. Unfortunately the NSW Government is also severely corrupt with newspapers reporting on government corruption daily. The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has not intervened in any of this corruption, Judicial or otherwise. This week Kevin Rudd has taken holidays with his family and is wondering through the wilderness in Tasmania.

    Thanks Sen Attkins J
    for your comment. Hopefully enough statements from people around the world will make the difference. Hopefully the dialogue will continue and increase until the sound is deafening. It is only evil that Chief Justice Spigelman and his cohorts continue to work and make judgements.

    Dear Danny Romann
    The NSW Judiciary has become void of integrity. Justice Hamilton for example protected a friend and former solicitor who killed two clients. The NSW Judicial commission with Director Ernie Schmatt in turn protected Justice Hamilton. You are greatly correct when you say this is a world wide scandal, beyond australian borders.

    Kind regards
    Paul Sharpless

  13. Looks like everyones willing to talk and seek advice to fight judicial corruption except state of NSW Au. But investigation will happen, sooner or later. This is how my country deals with it:
    Chief judge pledges to fight judicial corruption Newspaper article from: China Daily …judge Xiao Yang has pledged to keep up the fight against judicial corruption after the nation’s court system rooted out 292 judges…he had ongoing fears about the “grave situation” of judicial corruption. The 69-year-old chief judge said …

  14. The solution of judicial corruption is not easily accomplished. A few points to consider:
    1. greater vigilance by the authorities, such as the Office of the Court Admin, and also by members of the Bar.
    2 judges should no longer so casually justify their decisions merely by selecting a previous decision based on precedent no longer applicable to favor a litigant.
    3 To ensure that the facts arrived to the judge coincide with Judges decision
    4 Observing the judicial decisions by the retired justices should be minimum Public should have a far greater involvement
    5 Freedom of speech; through the media is absolutely essential

  15. The conclusion has to be that if you have family and value your children and their future, do NOT go to live in the state of NSW, Australia, where in pursuit of the justice, the Family (the fabric of society) is deliberately and systematically destroyed by its corrupt supreme court judge Spigelman

  16. Criminal and constitutional Violations, by the judiciary often include, but not limited to: Fraud, and Conspiracy to defraud, Obstruction of Justice, Endangering Children’s Safety and Well- Being,

    Child abuse, Lying in official court documents, Falsifying court records, Threats against parties, Conspiracy to cover up fraud, Violations of Oaths of Office, , … with the Knowledge and Acquiescence of, and Cover up by the State’s Appellate and Supreme Courts (and acquiescence of federal courts in cases federal suit is filed against said State judiciary and officials). In each State, ultimately it is the State Chief Justice MUST bear responsibility for the criminal corruption of State judges under his/her watch.

  17. Dear J J Winston
    In the History of Australia nothing has ever been sorted out. The original settlers of Australia, the aboriginals, were shot and wiped out in what whites called necessary areas. Twenty nine thousand Australian military personnel conscripted to warfare in Vietnam were left abandoned to die a miserable life when they were brought back to Australia. The same is true of many returned veterans today from Iraq and Afghanistan. Likewise the same is true for the service personnel exposed to nuclear tests in South Australia. The Australian Government abandoned them and left them to die. Some are still alive and have been subjected to a long painful life of pain and dispair. Successive Australian politicians have engaged in corruption for personal greed. Australians do not have a bill of human rights. Secret international agreements akin to treason have been made by Australian politicians.

    Chief Justice Spigelmans creation of a Holocaust of injustice with his judicial cohorts is the tip of an iceberg of corruption in Australia overall.

    Having Chief Justice Spigelman remain on the NSW Supreme court making judgments is akin too allowing slavery and a holocaust to continue.

    Paul Sharpless

    In all of this Australians are used to being victimised and taken advantage of. As an increasing population we have been continaully abused by authority and no attempts have been made to rectify this. Our very abusers have spin doctored a story of saying ‘sorry’. Like all spin, it is short lived.

    My attempts to expose Judicial corruption is not sufficient. The NSW police have stated they see no reason to investigate corrupt Australian Judges. This is also true for the NSW Premierr and the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Waiting for the

  18. … i have seen from time to time judges went to far, corruption, bribery… but this Australian Supreme Court CHIEF (!!!) Judge Spiggelman..
    He went to far… he is so confident in his criminal actions, I have to say I havent seen something like this before. How possible he can remain that position.. I didnt have the clue thats so bad in Australia. No good.

  19. If in my country he would be jailed a long time ago. That man did so much damage to so many people, he doesnt understand what is the role of a judge. Ho is that one who gave this man diploma? I agree with the comment above, this is the world-wide scandal. It is not within Australian borders any more. He is ruining reputation of all the judges around the world. What kind of Prime Ministers you have down there?

  20. Not surprised by the events. Your PM Mr Rudd is spending more time in our country than in his own, Quite funny creature, highly unpopular

  21. Dear Mr. Sharpless, if everything you say is the truth, than your Senior Justice Spiggelman is not just a corrupt Judge; he is an immoral person also. I can only presume how many homeless Australians are out there due to NSW Chief Justice greed and egoism

  22. To Siogan See
    Thankyou for the encouraging words and the story on what is happening in China. Unfortunately as Spigelman is the Chief Justice of NSW and highest ranking law officer in NSW he has set a very low standard. Judges can act corruptly without hesitation nor fear of penalty.

    Justice Hamilton for instance, corruptly assisting a former friend and solicitor who who killed two clients. The solicitor was later linked to two more murders.

    The NSW Judicial commission has also managed to cover-up the corruption of it’s Judiciary. Chief Justice Spigelman was chief political advisor for former Labor Prime Minister Gough Whiltlam. Spigelman’s appointment as Chief justice of the NSW Supreme court was pay back.

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is a labor politician. His hands are tied and also corrupted by allowing Chief justice Spigelman to remain on the NSW Supreme Court. The Australian election is later this year. Kevin Rudd remains silent.

    Dear Student
    Thankyou for your correct suggestions. The Australian media remains silent, though only to glad to report on overseas corrupt judiciaries and government.

    To Troy Delaney
    Thankyou for your comment. Figures out today show NSW is lagging behind the other Australian states economically. This is the cost of a corrupt Judiciary and Government in NSW.

    Hi Dilberr
    Thankyou for your comment. Unfortuantely Chief Justice Spigelman is evil, immoral and has no fear for his actions.

    Thanks Tihan,
    for your comment. Unfortunately Chief Justice Spigelman with the help and protection of Labor politicians and others in Australia has created a Holocaust of Injustice. Chief Justice Spigelman has become a new Hitler.

    His actions and the actions of his cohort corrupt judges have damaged the Australian judicial system. He has damaged the lives of many Australians. Some have been killed, completely destroyed or have taken their own lives.

    Hi Opinion
    and thankyou. This is a world wide scandal and Australian does nothing. Our Prime Minister is hoping and spending allot of money in an effort to have Australia elected to the Security Council in 2011.

    In these circumstances, given Kevin Rudd does nothing now, he must be dreaming.

    Hi Stella
    Thanks for you comment. Yes, the best way to see Kevin Rudd is at an overseas Australian airport or better still – overseas.

    Dear Trinidad and Tobago
    Unfortunately EVERYTHING i have said is true. I have witnessed evil firsthand and overcome many fears to talk about it.

    Australia is a wealthy country. With better distribution of wealth and less corruption in the Judiciary and Government Australia should have no homelessness.

    I thankyou greatly for your comment and the comments of everyone who have spoken out to help me.

    I ask you tell others. Through this we can make history and rid NSW of its most corrupt Judge, Chief Justice Spigelman, for a start.
    Paul Sharpless

    I urge you all to continue to tell other people.

  23. Down Under or South Africa? Sydney or Johannesburg? Correct me if Im wrong but this is what I work out;
    * In Australia people with disability can’t have trial with the jury
    * Can’t have pro-bono
    * Their evidence ‘s ignored by judge or stolen by supreme court staff
    * Their children are emotionally abused until victim of crime give up
    or until children are taken away
    * NSW government expect from victim to pay court fees
    * If you complain NSW judges and NSW cabinet would abuse you and allow government agencies to do the same
    * Judge can publish fiction stories that will stay on the court website as a legal document
    * NSW premier is judicial choice and election ‘s based on bribery
    * NSW chief judge can steal, lie, abuse, defame and nobody (including police) are allow to investigate ….. than you dont have the LAW and order. USA should be involved like in Iraq and Afghan. Your government ‘s nothing better than theirs

  24. Dear Rome, Italy

    Thankyou for your comments though some of your comments are wrong.

    People with disabilities in Australia have equal access to the legal system.
    Pro-bono legal services do exist in Australia.
    Australians do not have a bill of Bill of Human rights so decisions of justice are reliant on the Court system. Judges can ignore or totally ignor evidence at their discretion.
    Please clarify your statment on abuse of children.
    Having powerss the judge is able to articulate who pays.
    Judges in NSW have established a protective system around them. Unfortunately the Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme court, J J Spigelman has abused his Judicial power and in co-operation with other Judges has perverted the course of justice. Unfortunately the NSW and Federal governments remain silent. This is because the Federal and NSW governments have conspired with Judges to obtain their own favourable judgements and cover-up their own corruption.
    Judges can publish fiction stories that will stay on the court websites as legal documents. This is true
    The NSW premier was chosen by members of the political party in power.
    * NSW chief judge can steal, lie, abuse, defame and nobody (including police) has chosen to investigate. It is true. we don’t have LAW and order.

  25. RE; some of your comments are wrong.
    1 People with disabilities in Australia HAVE equal access to the legal system.

    * NO I WOULDN’T SAY THAT , Ms Vanessa didn’t have an equal access to the legal service –

    2 Pro-bono legal services do exist in Australia.
    – TRUE BUT WHAT I HAVE SAID WAS: * In Australia people with disability can’t have pro-bono * this student couldn’t find PRO-BONO
    as well as her friend Mr. Parker

    3 Please clarify your statement on abuse of children.

    * What’s here to clarify?
    (ok Rome is Rome but we do have child abuse and neglect.. yes sometimes government can be negligent..overlook things.. make wrong decision.. but for those 53 years (30 working years) I have never seen the worst abuse of the law & order nor the worst child abuse as published on Ms Vanessa website.

  26. I would agree with ‘Rome’ , in-here this judge would be sent to minimum 20 years jail. Just the fact that he still works I found … incredible! NSW is a joke State, Supreme Court is joke-Court and Judge Spigelman is what he is:
    J.J.S. jim-joke-spigelman

  27. RE – ROME;
    Lets hope that her personal tragedy (and Mr Sharples ‘s as well) will put a stop to one of the most corrupt Judicial procedengs in the modern-day-history.
    I see the NSW legal system as disturbing issue. How those judges convince themselves and everyone around that their Law & Order’ works.. ? Thats 1MIL question. Sydney’s legal system MUST accept that they destroyed belief, they have shattered the perception of a fair go and a ‘just legal system’. Lets hope that all of those hurt people, families and children will see some justice. The rest of the world must take responsibility; if that include the HAGUE, Obama, UNESCO or whatever, so be it

  28. ****** Vesnas experience had left us all in shock….

    Vesnas experience had left us all in shock ! !
    – She accused a sadistic lecturer of crimes against humanity, than thief of stealing, then the legal system of NSW tried to suppress her accusation by charging her with thievery of the thief’s reputation, while letting the thief go free to continue his stealing and sadistic lecturer to harm more students. Its obvious that the NSW Government is a criminal organization, which protects thieves, and which discourages, obstructs and suppresses the rights of honest citizens who are fighting crime. Its obvious that the NSW courts encouraged thievery and discouraged honesty and the rule of law and that the JUDGE obstructs justice and persecutes those who seek it.
    Judge Spigelman has charged an innocent woman because that innocent woman accused a guilty group of being criminals. Instead of pursuing Vesna’s accusations, as the State is compelled to do by law, the State instead charged this mother of two children and a wife of hard working Newcastle Uni eployee, and the courts have muzzled her. It is therefore obvious that the Australian Government is a criminal organization, which protects racists, criminals, thiefs and which discourages, obstructs and suppresses the rights of honest citizens who are fighting crime. It is obvious that the Chief Judge Spigelman encourages racism and bribery and discourages honesty and the rule of law therefore It is obvious that the Superior Court in NSW (Australian Government) obstructs justice and persecutes those who seek it.
    EVIDENCE – stolen from the Supreme Court registry 😉

  29. Dear Mrs Portugal
    Thankyou for your comment. I can only completely agree NSW government has become the Joke state and the Legal system in NSW has become a very miserable joke under J J Spigelman’s control.

    I especially thank you and everyone who has added comments to this blog. At the end of this month, 29 January precisely, the NSW Supreme Court officially commences the 2010 Law year. Unfortunately at this stage Chief Justice Spigelman will resume as head of the Supreme court and more people will be subjected to injustice by both J J Spigelman and his cohort judges.

    On Monday 25th, Wednesday 27 and Friday 29th i will be protesting and handing out a brochure out the front of the NSW Supreme Court building in Sydney. If able please drop by and say hello.

    My protest also exposes the Judiciary under the leaderrship of Chief Justice Spigelman does not act independently but conspires on many occasions with the Australian and NSW Governments. This is not democracy nor justice.

    I can only ask all of you to voice your disgust at these actions and message this blog.

    Dear Mellanie, Denmark
    Thankyou for your comment. Hopefully the rest of the world will voice their objections to the state of Injustice in NSW and Australia. Justice , law and order is an international issue.
    The Australian legal system is based on “who you are and who you know” not “what you have illegally done.” Major changes are required and given the inaction and silence by Australian politicians the force needs to come from overseas. I thankyou again for your comment.

  30. Dear sanfrancisco-people
    Unfortunately all of what you have said concerning the corruption of the NSW and Australian Governments is true. It is also true conceerrning the corrruption in the Judiciary here.

    I can only appeal to others such as yourself to help me make changes. The more people who help the more chance of change. I have permission to protest and i welcome everyone to call by and say hello and show your support.
    Otherwise it will only get even worse and that seems impossible.
    Please join me and help many others.
    Paul Sharpless

  31. Since there are growing concerns re; whats going in the NSW Courts, breach of law and human rights, than abuse of power (evidence removed and
    the jury excluded) NSW people need all the help they can get. I will personally contact Hague to ask what the rest of us must do to protect children and help the family to survive. I cant understand that the all world is watching without any action? Paul and Vessna cant fight this crime, they have enough on their plates already. Cant go like this forwewr.

  32. Dear Antonio
    Thankyou greatly for your offer of assistance to not only help Vessna and myself but also help the people in NSW and Australia. Assistance to make contact with the Hague is nescessary. This is an international issue of the denial of justice that has been orchestrated by Australian governments with Judges. This is not democracy and needs correcting.

    I would appreciate Antonio if you would contact me directly.
    Kind regards
    Paul Sharpless

  33. Just told about this weblink It clears so many questions we couldnt answer Slauter of the intern. students is just a tip of an iceberg Interesting; when my friend was bashed in Newsastle University he didnt report the attack. I spend years wandering WHY. Its clear he knew AU far better

  34. Judicial corruption is d worst U simply cant take judge to court. Hes already there. 4 D corrupt judge I have no respect This ‘kind’ want change. Corrupt judge is the worst kind. Want go until forced. Its sad to see how tolerant rest of the world r.

  35. Dear Mr India
    I apologise for not getting back to you sooner. I am currently working on another blog that will be published tomorrow concerning the extent of Chief justice Spigelman’s corruption.

    I hope your friend has recovered from his attack at Newcastle Uni. The recent publicised attacks on Indians in Australia shows the extent of violence and crime in Australia. In many instances Police care little or show little ability dealing with it. Most crime in Australia is covered up and or remains unresolved. It is not that Indians are being discriminated against or victimised BUT rather Australians and people living in Australia are subjected to crime everyday and little is done or achieved.

    Australian politicians only became interested in assaults and attacks on Indians when they were told of the amount of $ millions Indian students spend each year in Australia. Australian politicians reacted only because of monetary interests and pressure from Australian educational institutions worried about facing huge reductions in students.

    Our Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard is also the Minister for education. She was on the first plane to India. She failed so our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visited. Overseaas students in Australia pay a premium to attend our educational institutions. Self regulatory bodies fail to look after overseas students. Here was an opportunity to complain about heavy fees, abuses and other anomilies Indian students are subjected too.

    The purpose of my writing on the internet is too expose a darker message though. Namely, Australian Judges including Chief Justice Spigelman conspiring with Australian Federal and State governments to cover up their corruption.

    It is in these circumstances Justice in Australia is not possible. It is especially not possible for overseas visitors.

    The 2010 NSW Supreme Court year commences on Friday 29th January. The most corrupt judge in Australia will again preside. I will be protesting out the front. Hopefully i will be joined by others and more people will take notice. Thankyou again for your comment.
    Kind regards
    Paul Sharpless

  36. So, the name of NSW Chief judge’s in Hague Criminal Court and the same name on Sydneys Supreme Court website? Now you telling me that the both names belong to the same person? You gotta fu..Ing kidding me

  37. Dear Mr Sharpless and Mrs Vanessa
    Thank you both for being so honest, something that we cant say for your government. With your statement we agree 100%
    … “Australian politicians only became interested in assaults and attacks on Indians when they were told of the amount of $ millions Indian students spend each year in Australia. Australian politicians reacted only because of monetary interests and pressure from Australian educational institutions worried about facing huge reductions in students. “…
    Vanessas experience is a humiliated attack on personal self-worth and dignity and refusal to compensate her supports all of your allegations. Sweden is in shock, to say the least, and yes we do agree that this matter is far more than ‘internal matter’ of one country. I am clinical psychologist employeed by the University to provide service to students who need it. This link was given to me by the student who was greatly distressed after visiting Vanessa s website. Both of you have our sincerely support and we will do what we can in appropriate manner.
    Antia Malwille Shook

  38. In discussion with my students we have come to only one solution; NSW Senior Chief Authority Hon. Spigelman should be removed ASAP

  39. TO PHILLIP, thank you for your note, I have read Paul and Vennsa ‘ documents. A complex issue/s and to be solved requires much more time than I have @ d moment. Yes it would be a great article but I would rather wait a few months or so. Hope this helps.
    ps. I’ll lend in Melbourne on 7 March for 4 days, than rest in Perth, in April we have conference in Washington DC. Back home? Hopefully will land in Paris on 7th April. talk 2U soon

  40. Dear Anita Malwille Shook
    Thankyou greatly for your letter. Your letter and others encourage me to continue to expose what are continual “crimes against humanity.” in Australia.

    I can only ask you and your students to do two things.
    1 – email this link and my website to as many people as possible,
    2 – ask people to post as many constructive comments as you can on this link.

    People can make a difference. Masses of people with the one pure aim can make a difference faster.

    Unfortunately our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Attorney General Robert McClelland remain silent concerning the Judicial corruption they are involved in.

    Australians, particualrly people in NSW can have no faith or beleif in their expensive legal and Judicial system whilst ever Chief Justice Spigelman remains. There are no signs of him going.

    Successive Australian governments have always looked at subjects in terms of their monetary benefit and monetary cost rather then human costs. The goverrnments reaction to Indian students and the $millions benefit involved are similar to other government actions involving Japanese Whalers and the high volume of trade we have with Japan, Australian Atomic tests ruining the lives for generations of aborigines and servicepeople, abandonment of injured or maimed war personnel upon return from combat, the treatment of Boat people and other refugees who enter Australia without heavily paying the Australian government first.

    Your support Anita gives us encouragement.

    On Wednesday 27th January i will protesting out the front of the NSW Supreme court in Phillip Street from 9am until 2pm. I ask people to drop by and show their support for this campaign.

    On Monday 1st Febreuary the 2010 NSW Supreme court Law Term commences with Chief Justice Spigelman as it’s Chief Justice. AGAIN i will be protesting out the front of the NSW Supreme court in Phillip Street Sydney and ask people to call by and show their support for this campaign to stop Judicial Corruption in NSW.

    Alternatively i ask people to post comments of support on this link.
    Kind regards
    Paul Sharpless

  41. Dear Leira Huston
    Thankyou greatly for your comment. Hearing that your class of students discussed Chief Justice James Spigelman and his involvement in Judical and Government corruption in Australia gave me great satisfaction. I wish i had have been there, like a fly on the wall, to hear their comments.
    Many thanks again
    Paul Sharpless

  42. Re – GRETTA
    Dear Gretta you think that the poor NSW citizens know how to live? Their life is just a struggle, day-by-day. The worst thing of all that can affect one country is judicial corruption and judicial organized crime. And that’s the case in NSW. Only outsiders can fix what’s going on in there. Yes, I do believe that USA should intervene before it’s too late. “Poor KEV” is not good. Poor or not – this man can’t sort out the biggest problem in Australia, so he should step-down or do something about it. He is making fool of himself and just making harder for disadvantaged. Someone said he has just published books about a dog and a cat!! What a joke

  43. Dear Gretta
    Thankyou for writing on this blog.
    I don’t know how i have come to be alive this long. I certainly did not think i would be alive today.

    I do view Chief Justice James Spigelman as a most evil person in Australia today. He has knowingly ruined many peoples lives with his deceit, perverting of justice, and knowingly immoral and criminal actions. I have compared James Spigelman with Hitler because of Spigelmans total disregard for humanity and actually inflicting pain and harm on people.

    In response, some of Spigelman’s victims have taken their own lives and thus your comment is painfully relevant.

    Unfortunately Chief justice James Spigelman is a vile product of the current Australian government having been chief political advisor for former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and former head of the Government department for Media. James Spigelman’s gross power is thus derived and entrenched in the current Australian government.

    I can only urge people like yourself Gretta, interested in humanity, freedom and democracy to voice their disbelief and disgust at Chief justice James Spigelman’s continual unlawful and inhumane actions.
    Thankyou again
    Paul Sharpless

  44. Hi Mariah G
    I totally agree. The worst thing that can affect a country is Judicial corruption and Judicial organised crime as is the case with Australia keeping James Spigelman as the Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme court.

    Having a corrupt Judicial head has enabled a trickle down of corruption through the legal profession in Australia. Solicitors have been able to kill their clients for profit and totally escape all charges. Other solicitors and legal professionals have been able to buy judgements.

    In NSW all of these actions have been protected by corrupt self regulatory bodies such as the NSW Law Soceity, the NSW Legal Services Commissioner Steve Mark, NSW Judicial Commission including Earnie Schmatt and many others.

    Once again, PM Kevin Rudd has failed to do anything about real national and international concerns. Corrupt Australian Chief Justices just aren’t on Rudds radar.

  45. Just how Spigelman suceeded to manipulate an entire AU government? Would love to know that. When he was ‘taking’ from victims of crime, $$$ would go in his pocket. Now when he is giving back (what he stole) from victims of crime $$$ ‘s comming from tax-payers. How very, very smart.

  46. Huh, do I have to blush even in this ‘corner’ of the world. When there, couldnt understand how come that the NSW couldnt move forward. Now, when here; its clear. Its gonna be Judge Spigelman or entire NSW. Your choice.

  47. Its shame that the world tolerate all of this. Obvlously Australia’s powerless
    and Spigelman to manipulative; perfect ground for corruption To think that the judge is more powerful than the PM and the PM is as helpless as victim of crime? Concerning! To think that all of this isnt enough for HAGUE to investigate?Frightening!

  48. RE; Forsayth
    NSW judges dont like seeing themselves as corrupt and media’s helping them by keeping quite, but the issues in NSW has been one of the very few political stories where i have heard Ozzies over here talking about it at a coffee break And they are angry, very angry. It might be that this will bring down entire NSW gov, not just the Chief

  49. Dear Brodie
    Thanks greatly for your comment. The response in Sweden to Judicial corruption and human rights issues has been very welcoming. Hope you have a great time.
    Kind regards
    Paul Sharpless

  50. Hi Forsayth
    Thankyou for your comment. With increasing public discussion change for the better will occur hopefully soon.

    I was reminded recently most people go into politics because they like wielding power. With his controlling ways PM Kevin Rudd is a perfect example. People like Kevin Rudd like wielding power even if the circumstances are totally corrupt. People like Kevin Rudd are not prepared to relent nor give up their powerful positions. They would rather the corruption continue and they remain in power. Power is an addiction.

    So it is not that Chief Justice Spigelman is constitutionally more powerful then Labor PM Kevin Rudd and labor NSW Premier Kristine Keneally BUT rather that each fears losing power and position. Each is immersed in their own and collabrative corruption. This is hardly Democracy and Justice.

    Paul Sharpless

  51. Hi Núrenberg,

    I am excited to hear ozzies overseas are discussing NSW corruption in coffee shops.
    You are totally correct. The media remains silent. With successive Labor governments Murdoch has done extremely well financially in Australia and now has a 70% state of Australian media. It;s hardly a free press and on stories of major national significance Australian journalists are hardly investigative. Nevertheless they receive Australian media awards for investigative journalism. Australian journalism is much closer to Chinese journalism then we would like to believe.

    Australian Media is happy to report on Judicial and political corruption overseas, eg Indonesia, but remain silent on Judicial and political corruption and human rights abuses in Australia.

    Your comments have given me more hope to continue. It’s difficult bashing my head against the wall everyday, going to bed and waking up to do the same the next day. I like to think one day the wall will come down.

    Many thanks
    Paul Sharpless

  52. Dear Mr Sharpless
    Make no doubt about that. Here in Germany we thougt that the Berlin wall is here to stay … forever. We were wrong. People change, circumstances change, the world is different today than it was yesterday. You have to believe in yourself. TRUST ME

    Just got this from a friend
    “Rather then investigate the organised Judicial corruption involving Spigelman, PM Kevin Rudd and his ministers are applauding Spigelman for his latest speech. They were also thanking the NSW Judicial commission and have proposed the model of the NSW Judicial commission be rolled out nationally. The Australian government is attempting to hide it’s own corruption. Hardly democracy”
    and if true than your PM Rudd is a complete idiot

  54. Hes an idiot without a doubt. My wife is a Australian and she is very critical of Kevin Rudd. Looks like “the NSW Corrupt Org” now rules entire Australia To cover his own incopetency he publicly supports NSW corruption as he s too afraid to challenge Bob Debus. And Debus is still PM of Australia. The entire world is concern for NSW, judge Spirengal is threat for the world”s stability and peace. Rudd falls in the same category

  55. So, NSW wants
    1 Chief Judge to resign
    2 NSW gov to do the same
    3 media-free-speeach
    4 new Au PM
    5 people “we elected”
    and so far you are denied that
    Thats socialism Mate, Europian socialism. Disease that almoust destroyed Europe.

  56. Socialism? Nah. Even in the post-war Russia when borders were closed and people had no rights whatsoever, judge wasn’t allow to act corruptly. Indeed if cought he would be removed ‘descretly’ Court s are courts everywhere Every government in every country protects law – order… except Australia

  57. In Australia we say we have a legal system. We do not have a Justice system.

    YES Kevin Rudd is an idiot. Courts are courts everywhere.
    This is an election year in Australia. A time for great change.

  58. Oh, I’m in shock Dont get’ this wrong but why this crime was neglected for so long? Hard working migants didnt deserve this The courts destroyed all her family and they keep going; gay,Aboriginals,kids,NSW
    judges r kiling everything that threatens their corrupt life-style. Chief Judge? The Leader of the corrupt court under the police protections? If Vanesas website isnt joke – its tragic

  59. Oh, I’m in shock Dont get’ this wrong but why this crime was neglected for so long? Hard working migants didnt deserve this The courts destroyed all her family and they keep going; gay,Aboriginals,kids,NSW
    judges r kiling everything that threatens their corrupt life-style. Chief Judge? The Leader of the corrupt court under the police protection? If Vanesas website isnt joke – its tragic

  60. Yes, we have heard about Australian law and the famous judge Spigelman
    and when it comes to him, the Chief Judge is the Prime example of low life in high places.

  61. It’s so tough to take all of this seriously. Your judges behave like people pulled from the shopping centers without any experience and dragged strait into the courts. They are so slow in thinking, inventive ruling is not their strong side, and their compassion towards personal issues is concerning… Is this really the judge who is in charge of your lives? I know this is not appropriate to say but have you ever thought to seek help from the Queen? She might be able to send a real judge to take over for a few years until all Supreme Court judges are replaced? I just can’t accept the fact that one can lodge documents at the Registry just to be stolen by registrar or tampered by the judge? This cant be true. If here, NSW Chief judge would be in top-security prison, never to be released.

  62. Australia s confusing country, your ‘duty of care’ for the people you hurt and discriminate are appalling. You let those victims starve to death on the street while rich woman Mrs Sue Beach (the lawyer-turn-criminal) buys a Gucci handbag with victims’ money. Capitalism without humanism turns to tyranny. Capitalism with corrupt legal system is barbarism. To invite smart and decent hard-working migrant family – than destroy one-by-one…Yes it makes me angry
    The sooner Australian people realise the truth and decide to do something about it, the better their world will become. In the meantime, Hague should close down or have far more power
    Estella, Deutchland

  63. The government is the solution to all problems. Here in UK our government wouldn’t allow legal system to act corruptly. Its Prime Ministers cabinet, you have chosen him, now stick with him

  64. First of all, it’s not my “duty of care”. An average Australian (on working visa in UK) can’t do much, but it hurts to read feedback of such nature. I have enough of judgments every day. Its NOT Australia – its NSW – Its not Au LEGAL system – its NSW legal system
    Having lived in England for years, I have come under the impression that English people like most Europeans; believe that government is the solution to all problems. My government in NSW is incompetent, corrupt, and overall can’t do anything right. So why on earth would I want the government to be in charge of anything that my life depends on?

  65. Thankyou for the ongoing discussion on corrupt Australian Judges and politicians in Australia. Australia will have a Federal election and several state elections later this year. The choice is not great though.

    I say Australia because some people have said as the Judicial corruption has occurred in NSW then the corruption is consentrated in NSW. Unfortunately this is not correct.

    I have contacted the NSW Attorney General, NSW opposition Attorney General, Federal Attorney general and Opposition Attorney General, PM Kevin Rudd, and NONE have taken any action. All remain silent.

    Last week i spoke to James Lamby in Senator Brandis’s office (Federal opposition Attorney General) who stated as Chief Justice Spigelman is the chief Justice of NSW his corruption is a State issue and not a Federal issue.

    James Lamby said the Australian Federal opposition is not interested in corrupt Australian Judges when they are the Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme court. James Lamby went on to say it is not the role of the Federal Australian goverrnment to intervene in Judicial corruption in Australia. James Lamby said it is not something the Attorney General’s department investigates.

    Despite James Lamby accessing the internet in the morning when i first spoke to him, James Lamby in the afternoon went on to say he could not have a look at blog http// as the parliamentary internet system had been down for three days because of computer hackers.

    Like many times in the past i found this to be total lies. It’s another example where Australian votors are treated like complete morans by most Australian politicians and their employees. Australia has more politicians per head of population then most countries. This has only amounted to more POLITICAL SPIN and absolute lies then most countries.

    Many thanks
    Paul Sharpless

  66. Dear Paul, if is everything as you said (and looks
    like it is) there’s only one option; external military intervention Your Gov made it clear; they can lie, steal, abuse, silent and publicly removed anyone without any explanation; thats dictatorship. Facts. Full stop.

  67. RE – Pauls story – It is difficult to comment objectively given the subject matter to be as emotive as it is. Nevertheless I whole-heartedly disagree with the decision made by NSW judges in both cases; Sharpless and Vanessa. Here we have two destroyed lifes. The crime committed by judge (again in both cases) was of such an appalling nature that the NSW Chief judge Spigelman should be jailed for life. The life sentence should have meant exactly that. Life should mean life. Prove me Im wrong! I would add, given that I live in Scotland, that ignoring this crime/s and freeing this judge from any responsibility does not in anyway shape or form constitute Australias fair go – what utter nonsense!

  68. Spigelman seem to have something fishy going on with the PM Kevin Rudd’s cabinet. How else can you explain the extraordinary knots the Government has tied itself in these past few months. There is an awful lot of smoke, I imagine the fire could be quite something.

  69. Thankyou for all your comments. Some of you have expressed the idea Chief Justice J J Spigelman should be jailed for life. I agree.

    Here then is more fuel for this fire ! ! !

    On 28th May 2008 Sydney University conferred the Degree of Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) on the Chief Justice J J Spigelman. The Honary Award was given for services to Law and to the community.

    Here is a closer examination of some of the services Chief Justice Spigelman provided to the legal community.

    In 1990 a Professor of Law at Sydney University employed then solicitor Brian Roberts in his major Law Practice in Sydney. The solicitor Brian Roberts had several years earlier killed two of his own clients for major financial benefit.

    The Sydney University Law Professors association and employment of Brian Roberts was covered up. Complaints of professional misconduct against Brian Roberts to the NSW Law Society came to nought on the then legal advice of NSW Supreme court Justice Hamilton. The Law Society protected their own and were aided by Justice Hamilton and Legal Services Commissioner Steve Mark.

    Former solicitor Brian Roberts can be linked to several other unresolved murders. Chief Justice Spigelman is a former student of Sydney University.

    Questions then arise as to what extent the Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme court, J J Spigelman assisted the Professor of Law at Sydney University avoid scrutiny as to why he employed solicitor Brian Roberts who was known as a bagman for criminals.

    Did Chief Justice Spigelman benefit financially and was he awarded the Honary Degree of Doctor of Laws by Sydney University for assisting these people ?

    Did Sydney University award Chief Justice J J Spigelman his Honary Doctor of Laws for illegal criminal actions, involving murder, and perverting the course of justice ?

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