I’m so over Snipes and his whining already.

Snipes’ attorney claims that he can’t get a fair trial in Ocala. His attorney has filed a motion to have the trial moved to New York because he claims “the government chose the most racially discriminatory venue available, with the best possibility of an all-white Southern jury.” The motion goes on to claim “substantial pockets of prejudice persist in Ocala. The Ocala area…is a hotbed of Klan activity.” Attached to the motion was a survey that Snipes hired the University of North Florida to do which Snipes’ attorney claims proves there’s a greater level of racism in Ocala than in New York City. This is not the first time that Snipes has claimed racial bias with respect to his trial.

Last month, Snipes’ attorney filed a motion to postpone his trial reportedly because of a fear that Snipes’ former attorney Daniel Meachum would not be physically fit for the trial. Additionally, Snipes also felt that trial attorney William R. Martin was ill-prepared for the case.

Here’s a thought for Mr. Snipes: pay your taxes and you wouldn’t have to sit around dreaming of reasons to complain about prosecution.

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Kelly Phillips Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer, and podcaster.


  1. These stories often remind me of the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf! How many real incidents of racism (regardles of “race,” color or creed) are diminished by the many, many who cry racism as the verbal equivalent of the child standing next to the broken lamp who cries “it’s not my fault” or “it wasn’t me.”

    Just because “everyone else” is driving 90 MPH does not negate our responsibility when pulled over in a 55 zone.

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