Apparently money can buy you a lot of things, including your freedom.

Actor Wesley Snipes, who has publicly commented that he knew that not paying his taxes “sounded too good to be true,” was acquitted of federal tax fraud and conspiracy charges. He was, however, convicted of failing to file tax returns from 1999 to 2004. Snipes could face up to three years in prison for the failure to file.

Snipes’ co-defendants, Eddie Ray Kahn and Douglas P. Rosile, were convicted by the same jury of tax fraud and conspiracy. Kahn, a former CPA who is no longer allowed to practice in Florida and Ohio, heads a group called the American Rights Litigators, formerly Guiding Light of God Ministries.

I’ll admit that I am blown away that he wasn’t convicted. From the testimony of his employees and his actions, I believe that he was attempting to commit tax fraud – and not because he is an actual tax protestor who does not believe that taxes are an obligation (I think it’s a charade in his case) – but because he thought that he was above the law.

And there you have it.

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Kelly Phillips Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer, and podcaster.


  1. wow – I can only imagine the prosecutions witness yesterday did not help. If Snipes gets off with no jail time this would be similar to a bad Hollywood movie

  2. The only color the legal system sees is green. With enough green you stay out of jail, period.
    The most interesting thing this case brings out is the nutjobs like ‘Dave’ and Mr Walden on the previos posts. Incredible.

  3. It still boils down to who you know and how much money do you have?? Sick, The same thing gos on in the East and Central america. AH YO !

  4. The whole tax thing is way out of wack. They tax the public for everything and taxes were suppose to be a temporary thing when it all began. Your home, your car, your business, everything you buy and that’s every working person in the US. That comes to an unbelievably, incredible amount of money and yet the economy is going down. Money is nothing but a combination of cotton, paper and ink and there’s plenty of that around. What’s the problem?
    When a new car bought the taxes are paid on it so why can they tax it when it’s sold again used? The tax was already paid when it was new. Not good.

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