Recession? What recession?

President Bush has announced that the delivery of the rebate checks will happen sooner than initially planned. The checks will be distributed beginning Monday, four days earlier than expected.

Paper checks will be mailed May 9, one week earlier than expected.

Here’s the breakdown.

For direct deposit:

(Image no longer available)

For paper checks:

(Image no longer available)

Four days earlier… Do you care? Will it make a difference?

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney and tax writer.


  1. What I care, is that my family’s social security numbers are mostly in the 90 to 99 range and it’s not part of the chart.

  2. hmm….4 days=impressive in IRS terms. Heres the logic 4 days=28 dog days, wow almost a month ahead of schedule.

  3. well it’s kinda weird, today is the 28th and there is nothing in my Account, is this tentatively or guaranteed for today? the last two of my ss# is 03

  4. Latoya-
    It’s supposed to happen today.
    Make sure you filed with direct deposit (otherwise you get a paper check). Also, I’d check bank policy – funds may not be available until this afternoon.

  5. I just read that the IRS will deposit 800k per day for the next three days… so keep checking!

  6. Why did I not get one the first time around? Income was over 3000 and under 24,000. Just curious!

  7. latoya,

    I haven’t gotten mine today, either. I guess, technically, they have until midnight. I get an email anytime I have a deposit into my checking acct so I’ll know as soon as it hits.

    *crosses fingers and waits anxiously*

  8. Sarah –
    To clarify, the IRS is beginning to make deposits today. They are depositing to 800,000 taxpayers per day until the first batch is finished. So it could be as late as Wednesday.

  9. I’d guess a couple of days… but keep in mind that those mailed around May 11 (Mother’s Day) could take longer. Mother’s Day is traditionally one of the most popular days to mail greeting cards.


  11. Why from smallest number to largest. seems a bit unfair that they do it this way all the time. How about from top to bottom this time?

  12. Gerard, as someone in the later group, I agree! But I’m afraid the feds will never be that creative…

  13. Anne, it depends on how you filed your 2007 tax return. If you chose direct deposit for that, then you’ll be direct deposit for your rebate. Otherwise, you’re paper.

  14. hey taxgirl, “by the 28th” meaning today…or at earliest the 28th…and so on and so forth.

  15. if we are so in ressesion not saying so 600.00 will not get our econamy straight better try thousands…….and if we stop buying gas at least on day a month that might just straighten some of this mess up….

  16. TaxBoy,
    Initial indications were that the deposit dates were more like deadlines, IRS has since clarified that they were beginning dates. My theory is that it’s more or less the same schedule as before – only retooled and repackaged to make it look different.

  17. jan davis,
    I agree re gas. I think a large part of our economic woes are directly tied to the rise in oil prices. It affects everything from daily commutes to the price of food and other necessities.

  18. Why is it we can’t find a new schedule???? ONly ones I find are same ole dates as before????

  19. Deb –
    I’m not sure what “new schedule” you’re referring to. The schedule above is the IRS’ announced revised schedule.

  20. The only difference is that the “by” dates are really “beginning” dates – but that’s bureaucracy for you!

  21. I agree gas prices are ridiculous! Our return was filed under last 2 of social 01, we have not received anything as of yet. And I don’t think they are giving these thinking 600 is not going to do anything… they are looking at the big picture of the total dollars re-entering the economy.

  22. hey i hope they do not start at the top i am 05 and need to fill up my suv tomorrow looks like the 1800 we get might almost let me get a full tank.

  23. My husband’s SS# ends in 05. mine is 07 and we haven’t received anything. It should be direct deposit. Any one know if it is likely we will receive it tomorrow (wednesday)?

  24. Some sites, like MSN are saying that all direct deposits will be completed by May 2nd. If I read correctly, something like 44 million people choose to have their tax returns sent via direct deposit.

    Since it will be around 7.5 million deposits that will be made this week, I fail to see how that would be all of them, even if you do take into account those who didn’t qualify for the rebate and those who filed later and/or by paper.

  25. Today is the 30th and I haven’t received anything yet. Mine is supposed to be a direct deposit.

  26. YAY!!! Money!!! I Care…i think 4 days make a HUGE diffrence.At least it does in my life.

  27. I hope this revised schedule is correct… I am counting on it for basic necessities… gas, food, and a couple of bills…

    IRS is supposingly releasing 800,000 a day for since Monday… Has anyone with the last digits of 16 received their’s yet??????

    Will a person with the last digit of 64 receive theirs on Friday?

    I really want to know… (thanks).

  28. I hope this revised schedule is correct.

    IRS is supposingly releasing 800,000 a day for since Monday… Has anyone with the last digits of 16 received their’s yet??????

    Will a person with the last digit of 64 receive theirs on Friday?

    I really want to know… (thanks).


  30. kelly
    hi u said your is #03 u should get it on may09 if u getting it by mailed. direct deposit u shoulda gotten it by april28

  31. crystal
    u and ya husband is the same date. April 28 u shoulda gotten it by then. if its mail u will get it may9

  32. I got my rebate refund to day, but I should have had 300.00 additional for my daughter. Are they filing by the dependan’t SS# as well as mine? Her’s ends in 32

  33. Marie, If she did not include direct deposit information on her tax return, she will receive a paper check.

  34. Julie –
    Your check should include any money attributable to your dependents. If your check is less than you thought, it could be that you didn’t pay enough tax this year to qualify for the full rebate, that you had too much income to receive the full rebate or that your dependent was disallowed. You may want to double check the rules for the rebates (look in the sidebar for more info) and also look at your tax return.

  35. Is there an age that you don’t have to file anymore? My dad will be 73 this year and i was just wondering?He does get SS.

  36. I efiled my return with taxact onling. I had it direct deposited into my account. will I still get my rebate direct deposited into my account.

  37. If i had my taxes done by h&r block and got a cashiers check from them will i have to get this check from them also?

  38. My social ends in 14, today is May1, should be direct deposited, still waiting. Why are we working people earning less than 75 to 80K a year getting only $300? Tearing my eyebrows out!

  39. Currently have “under Rebate Payment Questions” a link called…Where is my Stimulus Payment? Effective today.

    I plugged in my SSN; Method of Filing i.e, head of househould, etc…. and the number of exceptions “not dependents” and it will tell you the amount and the date your payment will be deposited…

    Unfortunately, it had no information pretaining to me on the site… but my Co-worker who SSN ends with number 18 information was available.

    My number is 64; My daughter’s number is 77 Neither of us had information on that site… Yet we qualify for the payment. I believe it’s because our week for the deposit has not yet come… I will be in next weeks spin.. and she should be in the week after… At least that is what I came up with.

    I quess that if you did not qualify… it would tell you correct? Could you please confirm, if possible.



  40. My husbands ends in 05… still no direct deposit. Also tried the new IRS “Where’s my Stimulus Payment?” and it said there was an error with the information. No error… so confused! I just hope it comes soon.. we need it just to live on!

  41. What if my check if being mailed and I have just moved in the past month, my mail is being forwarded. Will they forward this too?

  42. I agreee with Jan Davis , stop buying gas EVERYONE!!!!! for just 1 day and see what happens. We should make May 6th. NO GAS DAY!!!!

  43. GOOD NEWS this morning!!!! Rebate has arrived in my account. SS# ends with “04” and first appeared on the IRS website yesterday with the correct amount of my anticipated rebate and a target date for deposit of the 2nd (today). Good luck to everyone; happy spending or whatever.

  44. My last digit is 08 and I still hadn’t received anything so how will i know when it will come and it’s supposed to be direct deposit?

  45. What’s the deal with MSN saying that all direct deposit rebates should post by today? Does the IRS have until midnight to submit them? I still have no rebate.

  46. I also received my rebate direct deposited today, but nothing for my three children. Only the basic $1200. I cannot find one place on the web to get an answer as to why not. I don’t owe anything as I did already get a refund for this year and my student loans are in deferment so that is not the reason either. If anyone figures it out, let us know.

    Thanks and I agree with everyone – this money is not going to be spent on anything to stimulate anything. It’s for all of us to just make those usual payments we always make. It just means we have one month in our lives without as much stress.

  47. Yep, they are 14 and 12. So I should have received another $600. I figured I would wait and see what happens.

    My husband is in FL caring for his father and we have lost his income until he returns. This just helps to make the mortgage payment this money.

    I am definitely not putting any extra funds into the economy. LOL Well then again, I might stop at Bath and Body Works as they have Wallflowers on sale for $6 and I have a $10 off coupon.

  48. My number ends in 00 – doesn’t get any lower than that! – and I still have not gotten my direct deposit. The IRS web site is telling me there’s an error, but there isn’t. WTF?!

  49. i called irs last night and they said if you did a refund anticipation loan or any other fast refund thing even though it was direct deposited into your account you will still get a paper check. I e filed mine with taxact online and had mine direct deposited into my account in ten days. so i will get paper check. they probably should have explained that to everyone. so just because you had your refund direct deposited does not automatically mean your rebate will get direct deposited. I called 1800-829-1040 and listened to all the options and finally talked to someone. I hope this all makes sense.

  50. If you file joinly why isn’t the rebate for both people recieved at the same time?

  51. I cannot see the logic of not buying gas for a day as a cure for anything. The only thing that would help is if you quit using gas for a day. If everybody decides to not buy fuel on the sixth of the month, it only means they will need to buy more when they do fill it up. You use what you use regardless of a buying schedule. Conservation of fuel is the answer. Use less, supply rises. Keep using less, prices (hopefully) slowly go down. You personally save anyway by using less. Good luck with your stimulus checks; mine is sorely needed.

  52. I e-filed my return but I gave the wrong account # I called the bank that issued my tax refund and corrected my bank account #.Will this error delay my rebate check.

  53. Well, I filed our taxes Jan 28. We were to have received ours direct d. by May 9th….by both the original and revised schedule on the irs website. Some schedules such as aarp say by the 5th….however today the website and rebate hotline both say sorry no specific info. Prior to that I got “may have made a mistake”. I don’t know what the H to think.

  54. Is it true that the rebate checks will go towards back childsupport, if you are going thru the Attorney General office?

  55. waitingtoknow Reply

    Will the IRS tell me if I get my ex’s rebate for back childsupport?

  56. Well, yeehaw…..finally this am the irs website says our rebate will be dd May 9th. All the h this is, is the “orginal date” it was to be deposite back before the “early speech”…….so don’t believe the info you read on the websites that tell you it will be a week or 4 days early as we are in the 2nd batch and ours is not. What a bunch of happy $h&t.

  57. By the way, that blows that some of you are not receiving the anticipated amount especially those of you with children. My husband and I don’t have any and I know what a struggle even we have. I don’t know how you do it with everything we need to live on so expensive. Hell, it use to be we could just cut out so called “wants” to make ends meet. Hard to cut out basic necessities. I agree all this will do is give a month relief of some of the stress. But I know we can all sure as heck use it.

  58. My husband and I filed using Turbo Tax with direct deposit and were told by the IRS we would be getting a paper check in the mail.

  59. Another bit of info..the IRS also told my husband that they have already started mailing out the checks and we could see ours in 7-10 days. Last two digits of ss are 15.

  60. according to the above dates i should have recieved my direct deposit May 5th….ummm…its the 6th? no money yet!

  61. The accelerated rebate payment schedule only applied to the EFT distributions for the first week only. All of those EFT rebate refund distributions for SSNs ending between 21 through 75 will all be processed on MAY 9, 2008 only. The media spin asociated with accelerated distributions for subsequent weeks was political grandstanding in its worst form leading the public to falsely anticipate and hope they would receive early rebate distributions each week. But in fact, the acceleration occured during the first scheduled distribution week only.

  62. Kevin II,

    Do you have any info to back up what you are saying about SSN 21-75? I’ve been searching all over for this hoping to figure out if mine would be coming earlier than May 9th, but nothing official yet.

  63. Christoper…..what Kevin is saying is correct. I am in the group you are and my original date to have dd was May 9th. (We had received a letter some time ago telling us the anticipated amount and when it would come) I too as you was elated to hear the dates had all moved up and the story was anywhere from 4 days to a week earlier than anticipated. Monday morning the irs website info gave me the date of deposit to my account is May 9th…..this Friday. I can tell you this, every year we receive a refund and every year it is scheduled to deposit on a Friday – HOWEVER it every year it is in our account on the day before ..Thursday. So my only hope is a day early cause it certainly is not there today. This blows as we all were very excited the money was to come early so I feel your pain. We just all got fed a bunch of $hit. The above schedule is not accurate.. Sorry.

  64. So nobody I personally know has gotten it, but there are various reports online (not verifiable by me) of people scheduled for May 9th who have already gotten theirs. One such person said they contacted the IRS and was told that people who filed a 1040EZ with no dependents would be getting theirs earlier in the week.

  65. Christopher…I don’t know if they filed jointly but we did.. no dependents other than the two of us ..we filed 1040EZ online with HR Block…had no fee…got direct deposit refund. As I said my only hope as it it scheduled for Friday dd and it is not there today is a slim chance tomorrow and I only base that on every year our refund is schedule to be on a Friday and it shows in our account a day before on a Thursday. I have also read alot who were scheduled to get theirs May 2 didn’t so I just wonder what the “rhyme and reason is on this whole deal. We certainly are told alot of lies and kept in the dark, I will say that.

  66. i wont go into details but lets just say the money better be here on friday at the latest or im packing this weekend and being evicted monday morning! the post above was dead wrong. i had my return electronicly filed and direct deposited to my account! according to the above post i should have had it by the 5th!…its now the 8th!

    at this point in time its my last chance to fix things before monday!

  67. The IRS will automatically figure in the “children” portion of your rebate. The only reason I can think of that they wouldnt send you an additional $300 per child is if another person claimed those children with their social security numbers showing that person claimed them.

  68. i am so confused we are 04 i dont know if it will mail out on the 9th or the 16th help

  69. I am confused, we didn’t recieve our direct deposit today, which the IRS website says should have happened today. The last two of our SSN is 42, and we made 52000 last year. We definately should have gotten a deposit today.

  70. My Babies Baby Reply

    Since the rebates were moved up by several days does this affect the “where’s my stimulus rebate” inquiry? According to the new dates I should have a check mailed out to me by the 16th of May. I should be able to view the status on the IRS website but I get a message that says the info is not available. I am wondering if it will show up a week before my original mailing date…Also, I never received a letter telling me how much I would get and when. I only received a letter saying that I should be eligible…a standard letter that everyone got.

  71. my tax guy says he doesn’t how much aim getting the IRS says the same and bush having a great all time cuz his daughter just got married…

  72. I filed with hrblock.. My last two digits are 37 and I know people that have 63 and have recieved theirs.. What is going on? I should have recieved my direct deposit by now.

  73. speaking of which, i never received a letter saying anything and I filed my taxes for 2007.. I have been hoping I haven’t been over looked.. How would you find out? I have called and gone to the IRS website and I am an error in their system, they can’t tell me anything..

  74. Just wanted to say that I should have had ours direct deposit may 9th according to the original schedule I called the irs and the lady told me that ours will be mailed due to us getting our return back with in 14days she said anyone who received there return within the a 14 day period after filing will get a paper check thats according to the irs lady so just be aware that this may be why you have not recieved your deposit

    Oh and we never got a letter in the mail but she showed that we would recieve a payment try and call them

  75. my father is a senior and he was suppose to get his on the 9th as well,but nothing instead the irs sent him a letter saying he will be getting it in 6weeks is that right? forget it people are getting stressed out for nothing cuz after all of this we are going to pay it all back and then some….

  76. any possibilities of the rebate paper checks going out even sooner than the revised schedule on your site? I’m fighting a losing battle w/bills and am a single parent w/no help!!!!! pls advise

  77. Stacie,
    6 weeks sounds about right I know what you mean about everyone stressing out over this I cant see why everyone was told that checks were coming early when they knew all along that the were following the first date they have caused more headach that what was needed. There are so many people counting on this money and they have just added a new worry to everyones stress level

    Good luck

  78. you said that sounds about right i thought that the IRS was not suppose to send anyone any written letters at all, and now they are — what is realy going here?. I think the gov. is realy in a major slumpp and they are driving all athe old folk crazy!they say never promise and baby candy and an old man money!!!as for me i don’t realy care if i get it or not but is’t just stupid the way george B.. is going about it .. have another beer george B..

  79. I got mine as scheduled, it was direct deposited into my account in the morning on the 8th.

    There are a few things that the IRS Web site is now mentioning that it did not initially. One if you filed through an Tax Agency, such as HR Block, Jackson Hewitt etc,…. and they were allowed to take a portion of your return as payment for their services… You have to get a check instead of Direct Deposit.

    So for those of you who requested Direct Deposit but you used one of the above tax services to do your taxes that is why your Direct Deposit did not go into your account as scheduled.

  80. Did anyone get a paper check through the mail today with ss# 00-09? they was suppose to be sent out on 5-9-08. I know it take 3-5 days to mail, but someone should at least got theirs through the mail today.

  81. I know my brother got his on monday his last are 21 he got a letter saturday saying the amount and got his check on monday

  82. I got my letter yesterday 5-12-08, and social security ends with 03, I am waiting on the mailman I will let you know if I will get mines today. Im from Long Beach, Ca.

  83. No mine did not arrive in the mail today, I guess most checks was not mailed
    Friday, 5-09-08 like they stated before. When someone do get their check in the mail please keep me updated, Thanks.

  84. I was suppose to get direct deposit but
    according to the above information I guess I will now get it in the mail. I have moved now, can anyone tell me what kind of problem I’ll have now getting my rebate? Do I have to somehow let the IRS know this?

  85. Has anyone gotten his/her check yet. I am starting to think we have been played.

  86. I filed online and the 12th has come and gone and I still don’t see a check. What is up with that?

  87. I know people are getting them two of my cousins and my brother all got theres last week

  88. One cousin got direct deposit and my brother and other cousin got paper checks

  89. What was their last 2 ss#, and did they get a letter in the mail mon. May 12th saying it will be sent by fri. May 16th?

  90. Thank for that information, so I know mines should come monday or tuesday.

  91. How many people out there actually got these letters stating how much and when? I got the general thing they sent out, but no specific letter. My husband’s last 2 are 34, and I am hoping we are getting one. Don’t have a whole lot of faith in the IRS

  92. My husband and I got our check in the mail today (along with out letter). Last two digits of ss# are15.

  93. My husband and I got our check in the mail today (along with our letter). Last two digits of ss# are15.

  94. Glowdiva, what are the last 2 of your social. Just trying to figure out when to expect ours.

  95. 03, got a letter in the mail on the 12th saying i will get it by 5-16-08, and it came today about an hour ago.

  96. I have been checking the IRS web site and finally it said it would be mailed by may 30, although the new schedule said it should be mailed by the 23. Do I go by what the IRS web site says or do I go by the new schedule

  97. One other question, does it make a difference if my spouse and I file married filing jointly every year, but I still file under my maiden name? I still use that name, so I was just wondering if that would make a difference. I starting to get very frustrated hearing that people are getting rebates with SSN’s in the high numbers and my hubby’s is 34 and the IRS can tell us NOTHING!

  98. Melissa I would go by the irs schedule because I talked with an agent and she said they only mail the checks out on fridays. mine said the 30th too and she said it will not be mailed any earlier. I still hold out some hope but not much. The mail it the 30th and we should have it by the 2nd or 3rd of june. i hope this helps.

  99. Where did you get the information that there was a schedule change from the irs to move payment up by 4 days? This was stated on the intro statement from this site. Anyone can respond if you found this to be correct.

  100. I am sorry, I may be missing something but the dates on the site you have listed and the dates on the very top portion of this site do not match. Where did the President make this announcement?

  101. Ahh, the old switcheroo. Apparently, the chart is no longer correct on the IRS web site – I wonder if that’s to get people to stop complaining about the late payments! But if you read the first paragraph of the 4/28 press release, you’ll see that they say that taxpayers will begin seeing the deposits today (meaning 4/28). The updated chart was on the site in April.

    The Bush announcement is all over the web – here’s a good reference at the Huffington Post:
    That story references Bush’s announcement that the rebates were going out earlier than expected.

  102. Does anyone know for sure that the IRS only mails out checks on Fridays? I get conflicting answers each time I call the IRS. My deposit was rejected by my bank b/c the account is no longer active, so I am getting a paper check. I called the IRS and they first told me it would be mailed on 6/2. Then I called back to confirm, and another agent told me that 6/2 is a processing date for IRS purposes only, but my check would actually be mailed out 5/23 and I should receive no later than 6/2. Then a third agent told me it would be mailed on 5/30, b/c they mail 3 days prior to the processing date (6/2). I am soooo confused. 6/2 is on a Monday. I always thought that the IRS mailed checks on Fridays. Can anyone confirm this? Also, does anyone know how long it will take to come in the mail? Thanks!

  103. It’s Sat., May 31, and no check in the mail. Our soc. security numbers end in 30 and 35. Guess it should arrive next week if they are truly ahead of schedule. It’ll be nice to finally have it in hand. 🙂

  104. I never recieved a letter in the mail telling me when or how much i will be getting back. does that mean I won’t get one?

  105. Brenda,

    Alot of people aren’t receiving their letters before their checks, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I know people who have gotten the letter the same day as the check and some people have gotten it after the fact. Has your date passed yet on the schedule to receive yours?

  106. I have a question. I received my letter in the mail on 6/2 saying that I should expect my payment by 6/6/08. Does that mean I will have it by then or it will be mailed by then? My status has been on the IRS website for over a week now. I don’t get why this all has to be so confusing, you know? The other thing I found weird is that I received the letter on 6/2 and on the letter it said Notice Date: 6/2. How did it get to me the same day? Weird.

  107. The IRS does, I think, what many government entities do which is to postdate letters, taking into consideration that it may be several days before the letter is actually mailed. I often receive notices from IRS before the date of the letter.

  108. This whole rebate thing has been one big disappointing experience! There has been so much conflicting information provided that it’s hard to believe anything anymore. My dad’s social ends with 10 and he got his check in the mail this past weekend. With any luck I’ll probably have mine by July and it’s supposedly going to be mailed out on 06/20. Yeah right!

  109. Well, I thought all this time the IRS said we were one week early on all the checks. So, I was trying to be sure…however, upon googling, I have found I am going to be disappointed. A friend ends in 4* and is supposed to get it June 13, old schedule, but the reviesed says June 6, he got a letter today saying he will get it June 13…now I thought I would get mine on June 13 according to the revised schedule ending # 55. Has anyone gotten a paper check a week early!!!!

  110. Sherry, HUNTSVILLE, AL Reply

    The revised schedule is not correct. I received a letter on June 2 saying that my rebate would be here on June 6 and as the original schedule also said the 6th, I received my paper check on monday June 9. I would go by the original schedule.

  111. I second that. Go with the original schedule. I got my letter on June 2nd saying to expect it by June 6th and it came June 7th.

  112. I would like to know if i will get anything .. I had direct deposit my is # 90 man, IRS needs to send those checks faster..

  113. My paper rebate check should have been mailed on May 23 as my last snn ends in 19. On june 16th. I have note gotten a letter or a check. Is anyone with # 19 still waiting?

  114. finally got my letter for my check it says pymnt should be here on 06/20 keeping my fingers crossed


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