Nope, you’re not seeing it yet… But I did want to announce that you will be noticing a fresh new look on in the coming weeks!

I will be leaving b5media at the end of the month and launching on my own. It will be the exact same bloggy goodness as before just wrapped up in a new package.

Look for information about switching feeds (if necessary) in the coming weeks…

Whew. Flying solo. Wish me luck!

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney and tax writer.


  1. On the contrary – taxgirl is one of the highest viewed blogs on the channel. And I think I can make it even better, so it’s time to give it a shot on my own.
    They didn’t boot me – I booted meself! 🙂

  2. Will you carry your old archives with you? I only found this blog recently and I find the x-links to related topics really useful.

  3. Bill – I will carry the archives with me.
    getsheila – I own all of the content and the trademark to the site, so they can’t stop me! 😉 Seriously, it was totally my decision to go, it was time. I have enjoyed my time at b5media but I think I can make more of an impression on my own. I’ve been asked to contribute to a book about tax careers for the ABA, am working with Dow Jones as a tax guru on a financial site and I’m writing a book on taxes. There’s quite a bit going on and it’s all really positive.
    I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve… Keep watching!

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