Go ahead. Start making fun now. But I have a new (catching drool) toy to lust over…

It’s the Internal Revenue Code for the iPhone.

Ok, I don’t have an iPhone. I can’t bring myself to use AT&T (it’s a long story). But I do have an iTouch. And I love it.

My favorite bit of the app is the disclaimer, which begins:

This application is intended for tax professionals and was not created for those not trained in independent tax and legal research.

Umm… nothing for nothing, but what kind of crazy person buys the IRC for the iPhone other than a tax pro?

At any rate, the app retails for $13.99. It works on the iTouch. And I’m buying it now. Really.

(HT Tax Update Blog)

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  1. Karen Cassidy CPA Reply

    Awesome! And it’s even a tax deductible expense for us “tax professionals” 🙂

  2. Ah. The peace of mind knowing that you’ll never again be out at a bar with friends while finding yourself scrambling to answer the nagging question, “Oh, darn, what’s the ordering rule for distributions of E&P from a foreign corporation?” Priceless.

    Now for the regs.


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