Taxpayer asks:

I work for a small corporation. We routinely issue w9 forms whenever asked. However, a new customer asked me to send them a w9 form with our name and the address of our other manufacturing location. We have multiple manufacturing locations all covered under the same tax ID, name, etc. She wants her W9 to have another address; I am assuming because that is where she sends her purchase orders; however she pays her bills to this location.

Any thoughts?

Taxgirl says:

I try not to second guess what other taxpayers are doing. Most of the time, it’s better for my clients if we don’t know what the “other guy” is doing. That’s not our worry.

With that said, it sounds like you can accommodate this new customer with no worries on your end. The name of the company and the EIN are the same – just the address is different. Interestingly, there’s not even a discussion of address on the actual form. If it’s a legitimate address where you conduct business (and you noted she sends POs there), I’d do it. I don’t see any downside. Does anyone else?

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