The NJ Nets are desperately trying to give their fans something to smile about this year. They’ve now announced that they will give NJ state residents who are 18 years and older and attend the Nets home game this Friday a coupon for a free state tax return. The promotion is a partnership with the Roni Deutch Tax Center.

The cost of the state tax return would usually run about $29. Deutch, however, has indicated that she isn’t concerned about the cost if a big crowd attends the game. And well she shouldn’t be. Not many Nets fans will likely show up to watch their team scrabble against the 41-20 Magic.

Hey, I said “something” to smile about. With a 6-53 record, you take what you can get. My 22-37 Sixers don’t have much to talk about either.

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Kelly Erb is a tax attorney, tax writer and podcaster.


  1. Didn’t Roni Deutsch get in trouble with the IRS over her ads promising so settle taxes for cents on the dollar? I know I haven’t seen her ads in a while.

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