The Internal Revenue Service continues to roll out processing for most federal income tax returns.

The IRS announced this week that taxpayers can begin filing federal income tax returns with depreciation and education forms this week. On Sunday, February 10, the IRS will accept tax returns which include federal form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization, and on Thursday, February 14, the IRS will accept tax returns which include federal form 8863, Education Credits (for taxpayers claiming the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit). Those forms are being rolled out a few days earlier than expected.

With this, most taxpayers can file their federal income tax returns for the 2013 tax season. Most of the remaining forms will be available for processing by the first week of March. I’ll post those details as soon as they become available.

This is, of course, part of a series of delays which kicked off with a late filing season. The delays can be traced to the last-minute tax deal, the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), passed by Congress on January 2.

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