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Many of you have written in to ask questions about stimulus checks. As of yesterday, I think I’ve replied to more than 900 of them… and still sorting through (please be patient).

I’ve also written a bunch of pieces addressing some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have questions, check out some of these articles. You might get your answers faster by reading.

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  1. María Garcia Reply

    Hello , I have a question :
    I married ,my husband have SSN but I have ITIN we have 3 kids 12 , 9 and 8 age
    We will receive the stimulus check ?

    • Kelly Reply

      Unfortunately, an ITIN disqualifies both of you from payment.

  2. I don’t work am I eligible for. A stimulus check,. Can people on snap get a stimulus

    • Kelly Reply

      Yes, you don’t have to earn income to get a check.

  3. What about. people only income is child support can they. Get. A stimulus

    • Kelly Reply

      Yes! You don’t have to have income to get a check.

  4. Tomas Jimenez Reply

    I have IT number only but my children are citizens and have SSN . Do they receive stimulus check? Can I claim it?

    • Kelly Reply

      You can’t claim the credit if you have an ITIN (you need an SSN). I believe if you’re not eligible, your children will not be either.

  5. Donna J Coleman Reply

    My dad gets SSI and for years filled taxes with my mom and he received a check for him self but not my mom. What do they need to do to fix it?

    • Kelly Reply

      It sounds like they used your dad’s SSI payment and did not look at the tax return. He should receive a letter explaining how they calculated the amount he received and what he can do to resolve it.

  6. I received my stimulus check but not for my kids. I qualify for my kids and my kids info was put in correctly, my bank info was entered correctly, I met all criteria that needed to be met and I still have not received the money for my 2 dependents. I am on SSI I used non-filers tool April 10th and my money was sent to my direct Express card not my bank account that I put the info in for. Can you please find a reason for this situation.

    • Kelly Reply

      It appears to be a mistake: a lot of folks are in the same boat. So far, the IRS has suggested that the fix is to claim the credit on your 2020 return (but the NTA is pushing for a resolution in fall).

  7. Alysia Fraley Reply

    I file my taxes every year for myself and my one daughter who is 11. I received my $1200 on April 30 but nothing for my daughter! I’ve read quite a few articles about people not getting their child dependent payments do you know why this is or how it can be fixed?

    • Kelly Reply

      It appears to be a glitch. There’s no official fix yet. The NTA is pushing for a resolution in fall, but so far, the IRS has suggested you’ll have to wait until next year (when you file your 2020 return).

  8. My question is if a parent owes child support i know they can take the stimulus check for past owed child support.My thing is if you have other dependent children to care for but your child from a previous relationship is now an adult that works and gets there own simulus money but you still owe past due support how can the irs give child enforcement the dependents $500 simulus money to the other child.how is that right to take $500 thats for dependent childrean and give it to past child support.it does not seem right to take from one or two children to give to another child.I can see them taking the parents simulus check of $1200 but not being able to take the $500 for each dependant child to take from one child in need at the time and give to another.Is there a way to block them from being able to take the dependent simulus money.How can a parent get the dependant portion back? Its not the dependents fault or resonsiblity to pay the price or suffer due to past due child support.i know you can do a injured spouse so back child support isnt taken from a spouse but what about the simulus money thats being taken from innocent children and given to other childern when they are already getting simulus money.What they get there own and get the simulus money from other children as well?i understand back support is owed to them but at a time that people are suffering its so not fair to take away a source of income for food bills etc for some childrean to give to another.it looks as if the only children that the goverment cares about are the ones who have child support cases.no consideration about how taking simulius money is effecting the childrean its being taken from.this is emergancy funds being taken not just normal ole taxes.It would be nice if someone could get to the bottom of this.

    • Lillian Bier Reply

      Really wanted to know your response on this exact topic but not suprised that you didn’t have one. I’ve been searching for info about this particular question for a year now & have found nothing. Wasted my time on your website by scrolling & scrolling to finally find what I was hoping would be answers or even just a credible opinion- but hey, atleast your site got one more visit & good for you, taxgirl. Good for you.

      • Um, thank you? I’m not sure what your question might be but if you’ve been looking for a year, I’m guessing it was pretty complicated. I would encourage you to reach out to the IRS.

  9. If I owe child support but didn’t file taxes for 2018 2019 due to incarceration around those times. can I still be eligible?

    • Kelly Reply

      If you owe child support, your check can be seized.

  10. Valerie Marks Reply

    Iam a SSI person and I’m not required to do taxes do I have to give my bank info because I haven’t got my stimulas payment yet let me know

    • Kelly Reply

      You should receive your stimulus payment in the same manner as you get your benefits.

  11. My son claimed me as a dependent in 2018 he move out out about a year in a half .He doesn’t help me with bills I’m on SSDI we can’t predict the future that this was going to happen and now I don’t get the stimulus checks because 2 years ago we didn’t know this was going to happen. I feel I should get a check I would like to know how I can talk to about this I really need the money more then other people!! Please! help me Cindy

    • Kelly Reply

      If he didn’t claim you in 2019, you should be fine. Try to register using the non-filer tool.

  12. Nancy Marie Oiler Reply

    My Ex got his stimulus check seized on 4-15-20. Why haven’t I recieved any of those so far?

  13. Audrey Ruff Reply

    Why did non of us that did non filers by the deadline recieve stimulus for our dependents. We did what we was directed and cant file next year as long as the non filers was complete and accepted we qualify this year not next year????

    • Kelly Reply

      It’s not just non-filers. The IRS appears to have missed A LOT of dependents, if my email is any indication. The NTA is pushing for them to make the corrections in fall, but for now, the IRS is holding fast to filing next year.

  14. James Sebastiani Reply

    I refiled my sons 1040X to reflect that he is not claimed by anyone. He is disabled and receives SSI. He is 44. Wioll my amended return for him delay the whole qualification process.

    • Kelly Reply

      Yes. Since you can only file an amended return by paper, it generally takes a while. Right now, the IRS is not processing paper returns at all, so you should expect a delay.

  15. Jimmu wall Reply

    I’m on ssi..can my stimulus check be taken for child support?

  16. My first check went to child support being owed .. But I received one the next stimulus check and also a direct deposit from a stimulus check .. Will I receive this payment?
    I dont understand why some payment goes to back child support and some dont ..

    • There’s no rhyme or reason – sorry. It’s just whatever Congress decides.
      Child support was supposed to be withheld from the first and second checks, but not the third check. Additionally, the IRS won’t offset the advance child tax credit payments for child support.

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