Since the pandemic, there has been a lot of uncertainty about the economy, especially for taxpayers and business owners. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of business closures, concerns about tax compliance, increase of prices. However, the pandemic has also granted states an opportunity to recover lost tax dollars. As a result, there has been and probably will continue to be a shift in the economy and tax enforcement.  

Sales Tax Laws for Taxpayers

How will taxpayers and business owners keep up or stay informed with the evolving shifts? Kelly invites Scott Peterson, the Vice President of Avalara, with over 30 years’ experience with tax policy and legislation. He is the former CEO of an organization devoted to making taxes simpler. Scott spent 10 years as director of South Dakota sales tax division, as well as 12 years of writing about taxes for state legislature. Who better to turn to, to better understand the tax laws and expectations? Tune in and let Scott and Kelly guide you to current and upcoming tax and economy shifts.

Listen to Kelly and Scott Discuss:

  • How the shifts from pandemic impacts state budgeting and enforcement
  • Pandemic accelerating existing issues
  • How Wayfair impacted smaller businesses online and awareness impact
  • Threshold confusion
  • Sales Tax Burden vs small to large businesses
  • Marketplace Facilitator Law
  • Distant equity between states and legal challenges
  • Budget disasters and threshold risks
  • Extracted Taxes
  • What increased enforcement will look like
  • Proving Sales
  • Keeping track of sales and thresholds
  • Imposing numbers on taxpayers
  • How businesses can protect themselves
  • Established processes create ease
  • How one can move towards compliance
  • Understanding what is taxable
  • Exemptions and taxable restrictions
  • Predicting the next year’s tax changes

About Kelly:

Kelly Phillips Erb created and hosts the Taxgirl podcast, your home for tax news, tax info and tax policy. In each episode, she shares conversations about taxes, money and the choices we make. Kelly is a practicing tax attorney who works with taxpayers like you every day. She helps folks out of tax jams, and hopefully, keep others from getting into them.

You can find out more about Kelly here and you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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