The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone in different ways. While it has been difficult over the last year, filing your taxes could prove to be yet another hurdle in this pandemic. For those that have been telecommuting, there are likely going to be working from home tax complications.

Potential working from home tax problems

On this episode of the Taxgirl podcast, Kelly is joined by Timothy Speiss, the co-leader of EisnerAmper’s personal wealth advisors group. Kelly and Timothy break down some of the biggest potential problems people will face when filing their taxes this year. Whether you hunkered down out of state or simply live in a different state than where you work, working from home could further complicate things like your tax withholding amounts and which state you file with.

Listen to Kelly and Timothy talk about working from home taxes:

  • What tax concerns should employees and employers think about?
  • Tax apportionment factors
  • How changing where you live during the year impacts state taxes
  • What qualifies as residency for taxes?
  • Should you notify your employer when you change where you live?
  • What you should do if your employer didn’t change your residence
  • Working from home tax preparation advice
  • Check your pay stub for the correct withholding amounts
  • Correcting your employer not filing in the right state with tax credits
  • What can states use to prove your residency?

More about Kelly Phillips Erb:

Kelly is the creator and host of the new Taxgirl podcast series. Kelly is a practicing tax attorney with considerable experience and knowledge. She works with taxpayers like you every day. One of the things that she does is help folks out of tax jams, and hopefully, keep others from getting into them.

Kelly’s Website – Taxgirl

Timothy Speiss – EisnerAmper

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