Recently, I had the opportunity to appear with Gina Rubel on her firm’s podcast, PR On Record.

Gina’s company, Furia Rubel Communications, provides integrated marketing and public relations services to clients in professional service and business sectors internationally. They’ve been around since 2002 – and I’ve probably known Gina at least that long. She’s also a lawyer in the Philly area though, like me, she’s been doing non-lawyery (pretend it’s a real word) things for a while.

Gina’s team asked me to come onto the podcast to talk about law and media. It’s pretty cool since I’ve been on both sides of the microphone. As a lawyer, I’ve been interviewed by a lot of folks. And as a journalist, I’ve conducted a lot of those same kinds of interviews. So, it was fun to sit down and talk with Gina about what I’ve learned about pitches, as well as what I love about my job. There’s a bit of tax there, too, at the end. So, give it a listen. You can find the link here.

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