When I first started writing about tax, I noticed that the posts that sometimes attracted the most attention weren’t always my favorites or the ones that I thought most important. I get it. Sometimes readers are looking for something crazy specific – like tax rates – or something goes viral – like the guy who paid his taxes in dollar bills. That necessarily means that the highest viewed posts aren’t always the ones that I had hoped my readers would enjoy or benefit from the most.

Here are the top tax posts on Taxgirl.com of 2019, as determined by views (note that I omitted tax rates posts):

Of course, sometimes posts aren’t all that popular with readers. Here are the posts that you didn’t read in 2019:

(In fairness, some of those were posted a little late in the year.)

So there you have it… what you did and didn’t read on Taxgirl.com during 2019.

The beginning of a new year is, of course, a good time for reflection. I often say (and I truly believe) that I have the best readers in the world. I love that I get up every day and get to do this job. And I couldn’t do that without you. Thank you. Best wishes for an amazing 2020.

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