Taxgirl Podcast Episode Guide

Here’s a list of Taxgirl Podcast episodes.


1: Desperation and Loans in a Time of Crisis (with Rev. Jeff Grant)

2: Stress During Tax Season (with Jeena Cho, Esq.)

3: Online Businesses & Taxes (with Brad Scott)

4: What You May Not Know About Civil Forfeiture (with Dan Alban, Esq.)

5: Following The Money: All About IRS-Criminal Investigations (with former IRS-CI Chief Don Fort)

6: Let’s Talk About Addiction, Mental Illness & Stigma (Yes, Lawyers Have It, Too) (with Brian Cuban, Esq.)

7: Trademark & The Cost Of Protecting Your Brand (with Kelley Keller, Esq.)

8: What Successful People Have Learned About Money (with Nicole Lewis-Keeber)

9: How The Pandemic Has Impacted Job Growth In The Tax & Accounting Fields (with Ryan O’Keefe)

10: The Original Survivor’s Big Win And What Happened When He Was Charged With Tax Evasion (with Richard Hatch)

11: Being A Minority In The Tax Profession (with Eric Pierre, CPA)

12: Preparing & Managing For A Sandwich Generation Household (with Victor Medina, Esq.)

13: What You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency & Tax (with David Kemmerer of

14: An Offer You Can’t Refuse: A Look At The Mob Museum (with Geoff Schumacher)

15: Bookkeeping Is More Than Just Numbers: Understanding Why It Matters (with Nicole Davis, CPA)

16: Understanding The Shifting Sales Tax Laws (with Scott Peterson of Avalara)

17: The Basics Of Bankruptcy (with Salene Kraemer, Esq.)

18: What’s Next For Recipients Of The Paycheck Protection Program (with Tony Nitti, CPA, of RubinBrown)

19: How Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics (LITCs) Can Help With Tax Disputes (with William Schmidt of Kansas Legal Services)

20: Organizing Tips To Keep Your Life, Business, And Tax Information In Better Shape (with Karen Caccavo)

21: Student Loans: Everything You Need To Know About Student Loan Repayment And Student Loan Debt (with Jay Fleischman, Esq.)

22: Managing Risk With Tax Insurance: What Is It And How Can It Help? (with Justin Berutich, Esq.)

23: PNC Christmas Price Index: The True 12 Days Of Christmas Cost In 2020 (with Amanda Agati of PNC Bank)

24: Year End Taxes: What You Should Be Thinking About At The End Of 2020 (with Lisa Colletti, Esq.)

25: What Is FATCA? And Who Should Be Reporting Foreign Accounts On Their Tax Returns? (with Matt Lee, Esq.)


26: Learning From Celebrity Tax Problems To Save You Time And Money (with Greg Zyblut, Esq.)

27: HSA Tax Deductions: Using Your Healthcare For Tax Breaks And Retirement (with Megan Gorman, Esq.)

28: IRS Criminal Investigation: Talking Taxes And The Law With Chief Jim Lee (with IRS-CI Chief Jim Lee)

29: IRS Whistleblowers: The Ins And Outs Of Reporting Tax Fraud (with Gregory Krakower, Esq.)

30: Working From Home Tax Issues: How The Coronavirus Complicates Tax Filing (with Tim Speiss, Esq.)

31: Cannabis Taxes: How The IRS Is Handling The Cannabis Industry (with Katye Maxson-Landis, CPA)

32: Shrinking The Tax Gap (with former IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti)

33: Minorities In Business: Overcoming Bias And Finding Success (with SEER Interactive CEO Wil Reynolds)

34: How To Save (And Spend) A Lump Sum Of Money, Including Your Stimulus Check (with Tania Brown, CFP)

35: Maryland’s New Digital Advertising Tax: Is It A Workable Solution? (with George Salis of Vertex)

36: Combatting Economic Inequality (with Rebecca Thompson of Prosperity Now)

37: The Tax Hurdles Of Moving Abroad (with Virginia La Torre Jeker, Esq.)

38: Nanny Taxes: What To Know About Being A Household Employer (with Jay Schulze, President, HomeWork Solutions)

39: Accidental Tax Resident: COVID-19’s Impact On The Substantial Presence Test (with Diane Nobile, Esq., of Saul Ewing)

40: IRS Jobs: Why You Should Work For The IRS (with Robin Bailey Jr., Chief Human Capital Officer, of IRS)

41: Crypto Taxes: Cryptocurrency Compliance In 2021 (with Wendy Walker of Sovos Compliance)

42: Everything You Need To Know About R&D Tax Credits (with Ari Palmer-Salafia, the CEO and founder of TaxTaker)

43: NFTs And The Tax Implications Of Using An NFT Marketplace (with Ben Weiss, CEO of Coinflip)

44: The Increasing Importance Of Data Security (with Robert Capps, VP of emerging technologies for NuData Security — a Mastercard company)

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